Saturday, May 05, 2007


Here are some highlights from our week here.

*Cora had her 9 month check-up on Friday. She's doing great. She is officially a peanut! Her weight is 16lbs! That puts her in the 5-10th percentile. Her length is 26.75" which puts her in the 25th percentile. She is small baby, which is fine by us! We are just so thankful that she is healthy and happy. The doctor even said that he didn't think he knew a happier baby! What a compliment.

*Cora's crib mattress had to be lowered this week. Upon getting Cora up in the morning or from naps, we had encountered a standing or kneeling baby in the crib. This frightened me, so on Thursday I did the tedious job of lowering the mattress. I think someone should invent a crank system so you just crank and the mattress lowers. Instead you have to basically disassemble the crib and then put it back together. But it's done! I put it all the way down so we wouldn't have to do it again later. It's quite a task to now lay down a sleeping baby in the crib. I have almost dropped her into the crib a few times as it is so low and I'm not yet used to it.

*We had supper with some friends of ours on Thursday night. They have a baby who is just over a month older than Cora. We have tried to do different things with Moriah so that Cora has a baby buddy! :) Cora was in a hypersensitive mood that night. Moriah is walking, so she would walk over to Cora to try to play and Cora would cry and cry. It got to be kind of funny. Isn't that an awful thing for a Mom to say? But it was right on cue every time! I think Cora's tummy was hurting and that caused the sensitivity issues. On Friday we met Moriah and her mommy at the park and Cora was much more cordial. We had alot of fun and ended up taking the girls on a walk and "garage sale"ing. It was fun to be out on a beautiful day with friends.

*Daddy is on a camping trip this weekend for work. Cora and I had kind of a rough day today while alone. Cora was all out of sorts and very cranky. I think she was just overtired from a busy day yesterday. I tried to get her to sleep as much as I could and I think it helped. This evening we went to Dobbie and Papa's and she was in a great mood. We watched The Night at the Museum. It was really cute. Cora took a 2 hour nap on me which was nice while we watched the movie. I love to cuddle with my little peanut so much!

*I spent a long time tonight praying "with" Cora before putting her to bed. I don't do this as often as I should, but when I do it is amazing. What a precious gift the Lord has bestowed on Kevin and I. I feel so honored to be given the opportunity to be a mother especially a mommy to Coralynn Marie. What a frightening thought to know that she has been entrusted to us. I feel so inadequate but more than anything I want to do my best. I have never felt such a calling on my life as the calling of Mother. It's amazing. She is amazing! I prayed for her future, her health, her possible future husband (very scary thought), and other things. What a feeling to know that we're not alone in this. There is someone much higher giving us wisdom and guidance for her. That gives me great faith that she will be well taken care of.


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