Saturday, May 19, 2007

Farmer's Market

Ok, I know...this is my 3rd blog this weekend. I just love posting things about my baby! I want to share her with all of our loved ones!

Cora and I had a fun day. It started off with a walk downtown to the Farmer's Market that our community has during the late spring, summer and early fall. I love it. They started it a couple of years ago. I was so excited when they did that. It's small, but really nice. There are lots of plants, veggies, and flowers for sale. We bought some yellow squash and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I love having flowers in our house during the summer! I also bought some locally made (actually right around the corner from my parent's home) honey for Kevin. He loves honey!

When we got to the market the local school's 4th grade choir was singing. What a trip to see two former preschool students! They are so big especially since I had them when they were 3 and 4 years old! My how time flies. It was so fun to run into them and their moms and catch up. We also ran into the nurse who helped deliver Cora (she was also a former preschool parent). She hadn't seen Cora since the day she was born. It was so nice to see her and it brought back good memories. (I am so thankful that I can look back on Cora's delivery and have wonderful memories! It was perfect!) We also got to see the special lady from Hospice who stays with Grandma Danner every Monday morning so Grandpa can have coffee with some friends and get his groceries. She was showing how to spin wool on a drop spindle. It was very soothing to watch. She had never met Cora so it was fun to introduce them although Cora had fallen sound asleep in her stroller for her morning nap.

When we got home, I finally got Cora's high chair out. We had been using her Bumbo seat all this time. Grandpa Danner had bought the high chair for us months before she was even born. It's a Fisher Price Space Saver and straps right onto a chair so it doesn't take up as much room as a regular high chair. Cora loved it and felt so proud in it. She especially liked the tray which she can pound her hands on.

This evening Cora and I watched our friends' children so they could go out on a date. Their mommy just got home from a mission trip to Romania for 1 1/2 weeks, so their daddy wanted to take her out for the evening. Cora, I and our little friends ate supper together, played, went to the park and watched part of a movie. Cora had so much fun watching them and being played with. She was pretty tired at bedtime tonight!

We also talked to Daddy alot today. He works 16 hour shifts on Saturdays and Sundays so we don't see much of him on those days. I called a few times so he could talk to Cora. Her face lights up when she hears his voice! She got so excited and even "talked" to him too!

It was a wonderful day as was yesterday!


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Joy said...

I love love love this! How adorable with Corakins looking at the lilacs! We just took Dawson to the zoo on Saturday and he was so serious about everything. But it was fun to take him anyway! Our zoo is too wimpy for a lion so maybe we'll have to come to yours someday! :)
Have a carefree, relaxing fun summer vacation! (and think of me while I'm slaving away at work.) ha!
Love you!