Monday, May 28, 2007

10 Months Old

Coralynn Marie is 10 months old today. That is so hard for me to wrap my mind around. How can it be that this mobile little person is the same tiny being we brought home from the hospital? Wow!

She has been a busy 10 month old! We have done a lot of visiting with friends over the past few days. Here are some of the friends that we have seen.

We helped our little friend Moriah celebrate her first birthday.

We had dinner with some friends who are moving to Michigan.

Our friends Allison and Sarah were in town and met us for lunch.

Our friend Christi from California was home visiting her family and stopped by to spend some time with us too.

Cora also had her first Zwieback toast. I have come to the conclusion that whoever invented these toasts did not have kids! What a mess. Oh my goodness! We'll stick with Cheerios, thanks!

The pictures below were taken in front of the Poppies that Cora's Uncle Scott, my brother planted at my parent's house when he was a little boy. He passed away when I was only 4 years old. Each year the Poppies are a beautiful reminder of his life. Now here the circle of life goes on with his niece.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Farmer's Market

Ok, I know...this is my 3rd blog this weekend. I just love posting things about my baby! I want to share her with all of our loved ones!

Cora and I had a fun day. It started off with a walk downtown to the Farmer's Market that our community has during the late spring, summer and early fall. I love it. They started it a couple of years ago. I was so excited when they did that. It's small, but really nice. There are lots of plants, veggies, and flowers for sale. We bought some yellow squash and a bouquet of beautiful flowers. I love having flowers in our house during the summer! I also bought some locally made (actually right around the corner from my parent's home) honey for Kevin. He loves honey!

When we got to the market the local school's 4th grade choir was singing. What a trip to see two former preschool students! They are so big especially since I had them when they were 3 and 4 years old! My how time flies. It was so fun to run into them and their moms and catch up. We also ran into the nurse who helped deliver Cora (she was also a former preschool parent). She hadn't seen Cora since the day she was born. It was so nice to see her and it brought back good memories. (I am so thankful that I can look back on Cora's delivery and have wonderful memories! It was perfect!) We also got to see the special lady from Hospice who stays with Grandma Danner every Monday morning so Grandpa can have coffee with some friends and get his groceries. She was showing how to spin wool on a drop spindle. It was very soothing to watch. She had never met Cora so it was fun to introduce them although Cora had fallen sound asleep in her stroller for her morning nap.

When we got home, I finally got Cora's high chair out. We had been using her Bumbo seat all this time. Grandpa Danner had bought the high chair for us months before she was even born. It's a Fisher Price Space Saver and straps right onto a chair so it doesn't take up as much room as a regular high chair. Cora loved it and felt so proud in it. She especially liked the tray which she can pound her hands on.

This evening Cora and I watched our friends' children so they could go out on a date. Their mommy just got home from a mission trip to Romania for 1 1/2 weeks, so their daddy wanted to take her out for the evening. Cora, I and our little friends ate supper together, played, went to the park and watched part of a movie. Cora had so much fun watching them and being played with. She was pretty tired at bedtime tonight!

We also talked to Daddy alot today. He works 16 hour shifts on Saturdays and Sundays so we don't see much of him on those days. I called a few times so he could talk to Cora. Her face lights up when she hears his voice! She got so excited and even "talked" to him too!

It was a wonderful day as was yesterday!



It's the weekend, I must blog! I just don't have time to write during the week, so on the weekends I relish in catching up.

Last night Cora and I visited with Dobbie and Papa while Daddy was at work. They spent alot of time in the past few summers landscaping around the cabin. Their hard work is paying off this spring as things are coming up and blooming. Dobbie has a beautiful flower garden around the entrance to the cabin. Last night when we were walking up, I smelled the most beautiful scent (second only to my baby), and immediately stopped. Somewhere among her flowers and bushes was a Lilac bush! I turned around and was greeted by the exquisite sight of Lilacs! I was filled with glee as my senses took in the beauty of the Lord's creation. I shared the experience with Cora as this was her first Lilac encounter. Now I only used 3 of my senses to take in the Lilac; sight, smell, touch.

Cora used all 5 senses!

She saw the Lilac.
She smelled the Lilac.
She touched the Lilac.
She tasted the Lilac.
She heard Mommy, "Don't eat the Lilac!"

As I downloaded the Lilac pictures this morning, I noticed that I had made a faux pas in the pictures. I was so enamored by Cora with the Lilacs that I failed to realize that there was a wheelbarrow full of trash strategically placed behind her. All of the pictures looked like the one below. I edited them all so that I could remove this object from my pictures! Instead my pictures would be titled, "Cora with the Lilacs and Trash." I am brainless sometimes.


Friday, May 18, 2007

First Field Trip

On Tuesday my preschool class visited the zoo. I was so excited about going because I had made my mind up to take my little girl. I couldn't wait. I just love showing her off! I'm so bad! I am so thankful to work in an environment where this was no problem. They were all excited that I brought her along. It helped that out of 24 students, there was only one student who was unable to bring a parent or adult with them.

Cora enjoyed her day of being pushed in her stroller and doted on. The weather was magnificent! It stormed something awful just a few hours after we got home, but while we were there it was perfect. We even had a picnic when we were all done at the zoo. What a perfect trip! It was so nice to see the students having such a fun day with moms, dads, babysitters, aunts, grandmas and grandpas (not all the mommy's could make it). I think Cora's favorite animal was the zebra! The lion roared while we were there and she wasn't sure what to think of that! Too loud and scary!

Preschool is almost done! I can not believe it. I'm going to miss my students terribly but I am ready for a break! I'm so tired lately. Last week really threw me off with my back issues and graduation. It's funny though. I think I'll have all this free time this summer, but it never happens. The days get so full and it flies by. I am determined to not let that happen. I want to enjoy my baby this summer each and everyday! I hope it goes slowly.

Cora is keeping me busy these days as she crawls around and gets into stuff. She hasn't really ventured out of the living room yet, but I know the day is coming. She will try to follow if we go out to the kitchen but she's not too fast yet. She has figured out that the stereo, vcr, dvd player and tv are very interesting especially as they are all at her level. We need to figure out a change for that soon. I'm scared to death that the tv will topple over on her. It's so big and heavy. We may need to bring out our tiny one until she learns to leave it alone (probably like when she goes to college! ha!).

She also is pulling herself up onto everything, secure and unsecure. I can't believe how fast she learned this trick. She just learned to crawl and now she's always standing up against something.

My baby's going to be is 9 1/2 months old!!!!!!!!


Sunday, May 13, 2007


Isn't she too cute?

Cora and I spent a good first Mother's Day together. We went to church and took a long nap together. How nice to snuggle up with my little girl and dream sweet dreams together. We spent the evening at Dobbie and Papa's. Cora showed them her skills of pulling herself up onto the coffee table and cruising around it a bit.

Papa is building an arbor for Dobbie over the entrance to her quilt shop for her wisteria to grow up on. He impressed us with his skills of building. Cora was very impressed with the power tools. I was impressd that Papa could balance on the very top step of his ladder!

Thank you Cora and Daddy for the beautiful candle and yummy chocolates!


Saturday, May 12, 2007


Let me start by saying that ever since my hubby posted that last blog, Cora has not followed her 10 step plan for going to sleep. Last night she fought sleep for 2 hours and tonight for 1 1/2 hours. Ugh! Mommy is getting worn out from this. Hopefully it's just a phase and she'll be easy to put to bed again soon.

What a week here at our house. As you know I had a serious back issue. Last Sunday I was sitting on the floor with Cora, picked her up, then stood up with her. As soon as I got up, I felt pain in my back. Earlier in the week I had strained it and it was still a bit tender. Within 15 minutes I was in horrible pain. I had to call Kevin at work and ask him to come home (in tears). The pain was really bad Sunday and Monday. Tuesday it started to lessen and we visited the doctor. He is pretty sure I strained a muscle in my back. I was very thankful that it was not skeletal. Each day it has gotten better. It still is pretty tender. I am trying to be so careful to not strain it again.

This was also our preschool graduation week, so it was not a good week for me to be down. Wednesday I spent most of the day at preschool working on things. I was worn out and sore after that. Thursday I taught (I had a sub on Tuesday) and that really wore me out. Friday was back was very tired after that. Today I took it easy and am thankful for a day of not having to exert it.

Thursday night Cora and I got together with my friends from high school and their families. Here is Dawn and her 5 boys.

Here is JoEllen with her hubby and 2 boys.

Here is Tammi with her hubby and little girl.

It was good to catch up and be together. The last time we ALL were together was before Tammi and I had our babies. We were pregnant! I can't believe it's been 14 years since we graduated. Wow!

On Friday Cora decided she needed to wake up at 5:45 a.m. I was not ready to get up so I nursed her and put her in bed with us. She talked and babbled for awhile then went back to sleep. So we were all in bed together. Even Art was with us. (He's the cat.)

Dobbie watched Cora for me while I was at Preschool Graduation. Cora had alot of fun! She told me. :) (Thank you, Dobbie!) Graduation went so well. We were all so worried about it. You have no idea what to expect when you put 35 four year olds together and 200+ guests! I don't think it could have run any smoother. Obviously the Lord's hand was on it!

Today Cora and I went to see Grandpa and Grandma Danner. We didn't make it over this past week because of my back issues which put me behind on graduation preparations. It was a nice quiet day which I really needed.

Tomorrow is my first Mother's Day! I'm a Mama!!!! Wow!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ten Steps for Taking A Nap

According to the age calculator, Cora has lived 408,900+ minutes. She has used that time wisely and has learned to crawl, speak a few syllables, and wave her hand. She has accomplished more over the course of this time than the House and Senate combined. In fact, she's crawling out of the room (and my sight) as I write this blog! Exploration is on her mind more each day.

During the 6,800+ minutes that she has lived (post birth), she has taken a number of naps. If she has taken three naps a day (that's a conservative guess), then she's taken 852 naps in the 284 days she has been able to nap in her crib.

Cora and I have established a pattern, a ten step process, of how to lay down for these naps without shedding too many tears. If we skip any of these steps, Cora will have a difficult time falling asleep.

Here's how it works:

  1. Cora gets a little cranky when she's playing and nothing keeps her attention. Her toys become mere objects to throw on the ground.
  2. She sticks her thumb in her mouth and sometimes lays her head on the floor.
  3. Daddy picks her up and she lays her head against my chest with her thumb in her mouth.
  4. We walk slowly up the stairs and into her bedroom.
  5. Daddy stands beside the crib, while Cora looks at the crib and realizes that she's about to lay down.
  6. Cora usually says something at this point, which translates into, "Daddy, I'm not sure about this."
  7. She lays her head back against my chest and sucks on her thumb for a few minutes while daddy rocks back and forth.
  8. When Cora is ready to lay down, she leans back towards the crib and looks up at the ceiling.
  9. At this cue, daddy lowers her into the crib and covers Cora with a blanket.
  10. Cora quietly falls asleep with her stuffed pink pig, Boynton, laying beside her.
While I was writing this blog, I went out to the kitchen to make coffee (a ritual in our house). Cora wandered out to the kitchen and sat in the doorway, essentially saying, "I'm hungry dad!" We will be blocking the basement stairs today with the baby gate!

p.s. The doctor is going to look at Mindy's back today. She's able to get around now, but we want to make sure things are better. She still can't lift the baby.

- daddy