Friday, April 20, 2007

Push Me, Mama!

Today we visited the park that is on our street. It's one of the reasons why we picked the house that we are in. It's just down the block and we envisioned taking our children there someday. It's just a small park, but it's perfect for kids. I took Cora down to meet some friends from church and their kids. Cora had not been in a swing in a park before...bad Mommy! We have been going on so many walks and I envisioned her needing to be bigger to be in a swing. So today I put her in one and she was in utter bliss. She giggled and giggled and smiled and smiled. It was awesome.

I have to admit that before Cora I got bored at the park. Sorry to all of you friends and family who have taken me to the park with you pre-Cora. It's just so different to have your own little girl (or boy) giggle in sheer delight on the swing. I secretly can't wait to go back! I will do anything to hear that giggle and now I have found a way to get it pretty easily. I wish we had a big tree in our yard to hang an infant swing from. Thank goodness we have a park so close by.

Tonight Cora and I visited Dobbie and Papa. We had not been there for awhile. They are working so hard to finish the cabin. It's amazing. They are working on the upstairs right now. They have the guest bedroom and bathroom yet to do. It's almost there. I know they are ready to be done with building. They are doing a beautiful job! Hang in's coming! Soon the tools will be in the garage! Haha! (That one's for Dobbie!)

Dobbie ordered pizza and got some movies. We watched the new movie Freedom Writers. It is so good!!! Of course, I was crying (refer to a previous post). If only each one of us had someone to believe in us the way the teacher in the movie believed in her students. It's a great story (beware of little ears, though...a few off color words).

Cora and I didn't get home until 10pm tonight. She was a trooper and kept plugging away. I thought she would start to get really cranky at 8pm but she kept playing. On the way home I sang songs to her and she was sound asleep when we got home. Tonight is the first night ever that I was able to take her out of her car seat and put her to bed without her waking up. She is so tired. We have had a really busy week and have been on the go almost everyday. Now if only she would sleep in a little in the morning. It does not matter what time I put her to bed, she is up by 7 am every morning. If she wakes up before 7am and I don't have to be anywhere, I let her talk and babble away in her crib until 7. There's something about getting up before 7am that just isn't morally right if you don't need to be up. Haha! But I can guarantee that we are always, 99.999999% of the time up by 7!

Cora is not crawling yet, but I'm pretty sure that post will be coming withing the next few days! I didn't give her opportunity tonight because Daddy is at work and we didn't have the video camera with us! Haha! Maybe tomorrow will be the big day. She can get herself in the crawling position and now stays that way for a bit. Before she would get into position and do a belly flop on the floor. It's coming! Lord, please give me stamina! :)

The tulips are beautiful by the way! I will take a picture and get it up! I need to pick some and get my bud vases ready for flower season. It's always a dilemma...pick the flowers or let them be. I love them both ways! I do love to have my kitchen window lined with flowers though! I better do that tomorrow since the tulips just don't last long enough! But next will favorite flower!

Take care and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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