Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is This April or January?

Well, if you went by weather alone, you would guess it is January outside, but no it is the middle of April! It snowed here all afternoon. We are all ready for the beauty of spring as are the tulips that line our driveway. They are all tucked away inside their leaves. I don't know if they will end up blooming now or not. I'll be so sad if they do not, because I adore tulips in the spring! It is supposed to start getting warm again this week and maybe the sun will in fact shine! We miss the sun.

Cora and Mommy spent the day on Friday with Grandma and Grandpa Danner. We usually go on Wednesday, but the weather and roads on Wednesday were not so great, so we stayed home. While at their house Grandpa rocked Cora after lunch. I was busy in the kitchen putting dishes away, when Grandpa whispered loudly for me to come into the living room. The below pictures are what I found. Cora had sat forward and fallen asleep only to slump over. How funny! I don't know many adults who would find this position comfortable to sleep in.

This afternoon my friend from high school came to visit us with her daughter who will be turning one in two weeks. The girls had not met yet so it was fun to watch them watch each other and interact. Arika is walking now. It's so hard to imagine Cora walking around like that. Mommy still is not ready for that! :) We're still working on crawling.

That is all for now! Oh, welcome home to Dobbie and Papa who were on vacation all last week! We're glad you're home....thanks for the movies and chicken tonight! :)

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