Friday, April 06, 2007


Here are some random pictures from our week.

Cora would like to eat big people food so badly! Here she shows that by reaching for a banana. She also just likes to try to reach as far as she can to get things that Mommy or Daddy puts out of reach.

Cora and I met up with a friend and her son for lunch today. We only live 30 minutes apart and we hadn't seen each other since January! Life is busy right now for both families. I hate to use that excuse for myself, but it's true. Thankfully we both understand that and relish in the times that we do get to see each other. It usually includes coffee or Diet Coke!

Here is baby "Clora!" That is what Shannon's little boy calls Cora. So cute! He was fascinated with her.


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Julie said...

Moriah has pretty much lost all interest in baby food now, so she mostly just eats what we eat or I fix her something similar but without the salt and processed food! She loves cheese, and I have found that shredded cheese (NOT fancy cut; the thicker stuff!) is perfect for her little fingers to grasp.
Did you know the library has a play area in the children's area? I discovered it tonight, and Moriah just loved it. Perhaps, if the weather continues to be dreadfully cold, we could meet there to play. You're always welcome to come over to our house, too! :)