Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Here are some pretty cute pics of Cora on her first Easter! Thanks to Aunt Leah for the pretty dress and sweater (we are blessed with so many wonderful hand-me-downs from her) and my friend Monica for the very cute bonnet! The bonnet was made by her sister (is that right?) and is smocked on top with tiny purple beadwork. So cute! It went together so well!

"Ok, Mom, I'm done. Can I just play with my bunny from Dobbie?"

Cora's Easter basket had a Baby Einstein dvd "Baby Signs" and her own family photo album. It is made out of plastic so that she can chew on it and see the people who love her at the same time. The baskt also included a jar of chocolate covered coffee beans. Oh wait, those are Daddy's Easter gift. :)

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