Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fretting Fathers

One way that being a father changes you is that you worry alot more. I've never been one to fret, but I'm quickly becoming one. Today, Mindy and Cora went with grandma and grandpa to visit my sister's family in Columbus, Ohio. All day I have been concerned for their safety, waiting anxiously to hear from them. How would I handle this 200 years ago when travel took months and the postal service took weeks?

Cora is understanding more and more words. Now, when I tell her that I love her (dozens of times a day), she grins. She's also starting to say "dada" when she's next to me, and I think she has connected that I am "dada". I'm starting to noticed, along with this, that she's saying "nana" when she wants mom.

This week I spent time out at my parent's cabin to develop my mom's quilting website, Old Glory Quilting. We don't have it completely built, but the core of the site is together. She's beginning to blog about quilting, and has information up for her longarm quilting business. We're going to add a store selling fabric, notions, and quilts. Check it out:

In four weeks Mindy and I will be celebrating our ninth year anniversary! I can't believe it either. I love you honey. A slideshow of photos is in order!

And soon I will be heading to Chillicothe, Ohio for a few weeks. I'm attending the Recording Workshop to study recording techniques. We'll spend eight hours of class time and recording time each day. It's a highly respected school in the music industry, and will help me transition into a new career as a producer. I'll blog more on that later.

I'm also no longer working 3rd shift! This is a positive change for many reasons. I'm now working weekend shift, 40 hours in three days, and will have Monday through Thursday to spend with Mindy, Cora, and Puddlegum.

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