Sunday, April 01, 2007

Easter Ears

This past week was my spring break. We really didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I was sick for the first half with a horrible sore throat and ears. I finally gave in and went to the doctor on Wednesday. I realized it was pretty bad when I was trying not to swallow at all because of the pain. The doctor thought maybe I was battling bronchitis and put me on a miracle antibiotic. I was feeling better for the second half of spring break, just worn out. Thankfully no one else in my house got sick!

Cora and I went on a few walks, visited grandmas and grandpas, spent time with Daddy, and went to Wal-Mart (she now sits in the cart and loves to watch all the people, no more getting stuck down in the cart in her seat!). It was a quiet week which was nice.

Yesterday Cora and I went to visit Papa and Dobbie. We watched a movie then the Final Four NCAA games. The Buckeyes made it through! There was alot of excitement in the house.

I picked up the food before going out and found some very irresistible bunny ears at the grocery store for Cora. Oh my Word! Who needs Final Four games when you have an 8month old in bunny ears! She didn't even mind that they were on her head and left them alone for the most part. So cute! Even Papa got in on the action.

Cora and I got home around 9:30pm. She was sound asleep in her car seat so I left her alone for awhile. I didn't know what to do. Wake her up and put her to bed or leave her alone and let her wake up on her on, then put her to bed.....dilemmas of new Moms! I think I made the wrong decision. I let her sleep then got her up when I was ready to go to bed. I fed her and put her in her crib. She was not happy about this and cried. At first it was the cry that made me think she would stop and go to sleep. Well that cry turned into the blood curdling cry after a while. I went in and settled her down only to have her start up again when I left. I was really I made a little bed for her on my bed with pillows and brought her in with me. She clung to me for a while and just cried. I don't know what was the matter. Finally Art, our cat, came to bed and that settled her down. She started singing and talking to him. I laid her down beside me and turned off the light. She laid there until 2:00am singing and talking! AND THEN she woke up right at 7:00am!!!! UGH! Needless to say, this has been a very lazy day. I took two naps with her today.

How amazing is it to wake up with this little tiny person laying beside you grinning a toothless grin at you and squealing with delight when she sees that you are awake too? It's awesome. We try to stick to Cora's schedule as much as possible for her sake, and ours, but I do adore those times when she sleeps with me. She can be a snuggle bug and I love that. I love being her Mama! I love it when she grabs onto me and just snuggles on me. I love it when she lays her tiny little head on my shoulder and snuggles into my neck. I love so many things! This is a fun age. I have truly enjoyed every stage of babyhood. There have been so many amazing things during each phase. Cora has become so interactive with us. It's so fun! I know it will continue to be fun, but I want it to slow down. I am so careful to not wish away time when it comes to her.

I read my friend Joy's blog about how her baby was moved into the bigger class at daycare and it made her very emotional. It made me emotional just reading it! My baby's not even 1 yet or walking or even crawling and I still completely understand. To quote Joy, "If you have to grow up, could you at least take your time?"


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Jason, Joy & Dawson Wilkins said...

Oh! You quoted me! I'm famous! :)
My little Mindums. You are the most sweet precious thing ever! You and I can cry and carry on togehter while our babies grow up. Then we'll keep it all posted on our blogs! :) :)
Love you much!