Monday, April 30, 2007


For weeks now we have said each day, "I think today will be the day that Cora crawls." She has been working and working, knowing that she can move, just not sure how to get those arms and legs to work in unison. For the past few days she would get herself into the crawl position and then hop her back legs forward. It was really cute. She looked like a bunny! :)

This morning (I am not kidding about this) I opened an e-newsletter from What to Expect the First Year. The newsletter was on babies and crawling. As I was reading it, I looked over to see my little peanut crawling to me....slowly but doing it! So I set her on the floor with a banana in front of her and got the video camera rolling. Sure enough, she struggled and then got it! She crawled to the banana. So then I put the banana on the other side of her and grabbed the digital camera to take pictures and she did it again! Too cute! It's pretty slow moving right now, but I know she'll get fast!

Here she goes...her reward in the line of sight....the golden banana!

Almost there, but not quite close enough.

Just a little closer. Hey Mom, this is torture in some countries, isn't it?

Aha! I got it! Now how do I eat it?

Yes, I shared my banana with her! She was so proud!

I can't believe she's the same itty bitty person we brought home from the hospital 9months ago!



Jason, Joy & Dawson Wilkins said...

Go Cora Go, Go! (sing to the tune of Johnny Be Good)

Did you cry? Or did you make it through this milestone okay?

We went and got Dawson's 1 year pictures taken so as soon as I get the site, I will email it to you so you can log on and look at them.

When are you coming over?
This comment is so long it could have it's on blog!
Love ya!

Julie said...

Yea for Cora!!! That is so fun and exciting! Watch out Mommy and Daddy! I can't wait to see her in action!