Monday, April 30, 2007


For weeks now we have said each day, "I think today will be the day that Cora crawls." She has been working and working, knowing that she can move, just not sure how to get those arms and legs to work in unison. For the past few days she would get herself into the crawl position and then hop her back legs forward. It was really cute. She looked like a bunny! :)

This morning (I am not kidding about this) I opened an e-newsletter from What to Expect the First Year. The newsletter was on babies and crawling. As I was reading it, I looked over to see my little peanut crawling to me....slowly but doing it! So I set her on the floor with a banana in front of her and got the video camera rolling. Sure enough, she struggled and then got it! She crawled to the banana. So then I put the banana on the other side of her and grabbed the digital camera to take pictures and she did it again! Too cute! It's pretty slow moving right now, but I know she'll get fast!

Here she goes...her reward in the line of sight....the golden banana!

Almost there, but not quite close enough.

Just a little closer. Hey Mom, this is torture in some countries, isn't it?

Aha! I got it! Now how do I eat it?

Yes, I shared my banana with her! She was so proud!

I can't believe she's the same itty bitty person we brought home from the hospital 9months ago!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

Road Trip

Cora and I went on a road trip with Dobbie and Papa on Saturday. We went to Columbus, OH to visit Daddy's sister and her family. I have to say that Cora did incredible. We didn't get home until 1:30 a.m. On the way home she had a few teary episodes but did really well considering that she was strapped in her carseat for more than half the day.

Leah and her husband are considering building a new home in their neighborhood. They took us through a model home of what their new home would look like. It will be beautiful. We also took a walk from their present home to the lot they are considering buying. The lot is really pretty. It's tucked in the back of their neighborhood in the woods. It would be really nice.

It was so nice to have Cora with her cousins. Leah's baby is just over a year older than Cora. They were so fun to watch together. Cora even tried to teach Caroline how to head butt! (see a previous post)

Cora also turned 9 months old on Saturday!!!! I can't believe it!

Sorry this post is short and to the point but Mommy didn't get to bed until 2:30 a.m. and is really tired tonight. :)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fretting Fathers

One way that being a father changes you is that you worry alot more. I've never been one to fret, but I'm quickly becoming one. Today, Mindy and Cora went with grandma and grandpa to visit my sister's family in Columbus, Ohio. All day I have been concerned for their safety, waiting anxiously to hear from them. How would I handle this 200 years ago when travel took months and the postal service took weeks?

Cora is understanding more and more words. Now, when I tell her that I love her (dozens of times a day), she grins. She's also starting to say "dada" when she's next to me, and I think she has connected that I am "dada". I'm starting to noticed, along with this, that she's saying "nana" when she wants mom.

This week I spent time out at my parent's cabin to develop my mom's quilting website, Old Glory Quilting. We don't have it completely built, but the core of the site is together. She's beginning to blog about quilting, and has information up for her longarm quilting business. We're going to add a store selling fabric, notions, and quilts. Check it out:

In four weeks Mindy and I will be celebrating our ninth year anniversary! I can't believe it either. I love you honey. A slideshow of photos is in order!

And soon I will be heading to Chillicothe, Ohio for a few weeks. I'm attending the Recording Workshop to study recording techniques. We'll spend eight hours of class time and recording time each day. It's a highly respected school in the music industry, and will help me transition into a new career as a producer. I'll blog more on that later.

I'm also no longer working 3rd shift! This is a positive change for many reasons. I'm now working weekend shift, 40 hours in three days, and will have Monday through Thursday to spend with Mindy, Cora, and Puddlegum.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Keeping Busy

We have been enjoying this nice weather and going on lots of walks to the park and around town. On Sunday Cora and Mommy went for a long walk on Sunday. We have a new river walk in town so Cora and I decided to check it out while Daddy was at work. It took us 3 hours to walk to it, walk it, and head home. We did stop at the library on the way home so a certain baby could eat. We enjoyed walking along the river. There were so many people out enjoying the beautiful afternoon. Cora was zonked out when we got home.

On Tuesday Dobbie had us over for a yummy supper. Cora and Papa worked on their new trick...head-butts. Cora loves it and leans her head forward towards Papa so he will head butt her. It is so funny! She smiles and smiles. Nothing like a Grandparent's love!

Here are some misc. pictures from our week.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Push Me, Mama!

Today we visited the park that is on our street. It's one of the reasons why we picked the house that we are in. It's just down the block and we envisioned taking our children there someday. It's just a small park, but it's perfect for kids. I took Cora down to meet some friends from church and their kids. Cora had not been in a swing in a park before...bad Mommy! We have been going on so many walks and I envisioned her needing to be bigger to be in a swing. So today I put her in one and she was in utter bliss. She giggled and giggled and smiled and smiled. It was awesome.

I have to admit that before Cora I got bored at the park. Sorry to all of you friends and family who have taken me to the park with you pre-Cora. It's just so different to have your own little girl (or boy) giggle in sheer delight on the swing. I secretly can't wait to go back! I will do anything to hear that giggle and now I have found a way to get it pretty easily. I wish we had a big tree in our yard to hang an infant swing from. Thank goodness we have a park so close by.

Tonight Cora and I visited Dobbie and Papa. We had not been there for awhile. They are working so hard to finish the cabin. It's amazing. They are working on the upstairs right now. They have the guest bedroom and bathroom yet to do. It's almost there. I know they are ready to be done with building. They are doing a beautiful job! Hang in's coming! Soon the tools will be in the garage! Haha! (That one's for Dobbie!)

Dobbie ordered pizza and got some movies. We watched the new movie Freedom Writers. It is so good!!! Of course, I was crying (refer to a previous post). If only each one of us had someone to believe in us the way the teacher in the movie believed in her students. It's a great story (beware of little ears, though...a few off color words).

Cora and I didn't get home until 10pm tonight. She was a trooper and kept plugging away. I thought she would start to get really cranky at 8pm but she kept playing. On the way home I sang songs to her and she was sound asleep when we got home. Tonight is the first night ever that I was able to take her out of her car seat and put her to bed without her waking up. She is so tired. We have had a really busy week and have been on the go almost everyday. Now if only she would sleep in a little in the morning. It does not matter what time I put her to bed, she is up by 7 am every morning. If she wakes up before 7am and I don't have to be anywhere, I let her talk and babble away in her crib until 7. There's something about getting up before 7am that just isn't morally right if you don't need to be up. Haha! But I can guarantee that we are always, 99.999999% of the time up by 7!

Cora is not crawling yet, but I'm pretty sure that post will be coming withing the next few days! I didn't give her opportunity tonight because Daddy is at work and we didn't have the video camera with us! Haha! Maybe tomorrow will be the big day. She can get herself in the crawling position and now stays that way for a bit. Before she would get into position and do a belly flop on the floor. It's coming! Lord, please give me stamina! :)

The tulips are beautiful by the way! I will take a picture and get it up! I need to pick some and get my bud vases ready for flower season. It's always a dilemma...pick the flowers or let them be. I love them both ways! I do love to have my kitchen window lined with flowers though! I better do that tomorrow since the tulips just don't last long enough! But next will favorite flower!

Take care and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shared Pictures

Here are some pictures that my friend emailed to me from our afternoon out a few weeks ago. I couldn't resist putting them up because there is a really cute baby in them, not that I am prejudice. I just love to show her off!

She loves to stick her tongue out when she is grinning!

Going shopping at Mommy's favorite store, Target with our friends!

And by the way, the weather is finally looking good here AND.....drumroll please....our tulips are going to bloom!!!! I am so excited. I thought for sure they weren't going to make it.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Am I Supposed to Still Be So Emotional?

I have noticed a huge change since Cora was born...I cry at the mention of anything regarding a child or baby. I have always been sentimental about children, but wow! I watched The Pursuit of Happyness a few weeks ago and cried and cried through the whole movie. I just couldn't get over how that little boy's mommy left him, just like that. It broke my heart. (Such a good movie, by the way!)

And the news...oh my! I can't take any news story that involves a child being hurt. It makes me ache inside to hear those things.

My mother-in-law just gave me a book, Chicken Soup for the New Mom's Soul. I started reading it last night and laid in a puddle of tears on my pillow for a couple of hours as I read story after story about babies.

It's sad, I know...but really it's good. My heart is just so full of love for this little person and that love has brought to me a deeper regard for all children. They are so precious and innocent and entrusted to us. What a precious gift!

Today was Preschool Sunday which is a scaled down program and open house at the preschool. We hang up the student's art projects and crafts for the visitors to see. Beforehand all the students sing some songs that we have been working on for our audience of parents and grandparents. It went so well! I'm so very thankful for that. We had an excellent turn-out.

I had to take Cora with me because Daddy was at work. She did great! She loves people and she had many there to watch. I was mingling with parents and she fell asleep. I was talking with one family and the grandma looked at me and said, "You seem so content and happy! I can tell you love being a Mom!" (That almost made me cry!) But it hit me so suddenly that yes, I do feel so content and fulfilled with my precious little baby. I love being her mama!

I found this quote last night in my new book and loved it.
"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."
-Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

I love that! It goes for fathers too!

"Before you were conceived, I wanted you.
Before you were born, I loved you.
Before you were here an hour, I would die for you.
This is the miracle of love."
-Maureen Hawkins

This is what I've been thinking about today, a lazy day after Preschool Sunday. I spent the day with just my daughter and it was wonderful (although we missed Daddy a whole bunch). We played, napped, and shopped! What better way is there to spend any day?

I love you so much, little Corabells, my little peanut!


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is This April or January?

Well, if you went by weather alone, you would guess it is January outside, but no it is the middle of April! It snowed here all afternoon. We are all ready for the beauty of spring as are the tulips that line our driveway. They are all tucked away inside their leaves. I don't know if they will end up blooming now or not. I'll be so sad if they do not, because I adore tulips in the spring! It is supposed to start getting warm again this week and maybe the sun will in fact shine! We miss the sun.

Cora and Mommy spent the day on Friday with Grandma and Grandpa Danner. We usually go on Wednesday, but the weather and roads on Wednesday were not so great, so we stayed home. While at their house Grandpa rocked Cora after lunch. I was busy in the kitchen putting dishes away, when Grandpa whispered loudly for me to come into the living room. The below pictures are what I found. Cora had sat forward and fallen asleep only to slump over. How funny! I don't know many adults who would find this position comfortable to sleep in.

This afternoon my friend from high school came to visit us with her daughter who will be turning one in two weeks. The girls had not met yet so it was fun to watch them watch each other and interact. Arika is walking now. It's so hard to imagine Cora walking around like that. Mommy still is not ready for that! :) We're still working on crawling.

That is all for now! Oh, welcome home to Dobbie and Papa who were on vacation all last week! We're glad you're home....thanks for the movies and chicken tonight! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

To Skype or not to Skype?

We're looking into ways of lowering our phone bill. Right now we have unlimited long distance, but it's part of a packaged deal. It would be cool if we could get rid of that bill all-together and not have to pay the corporate machine each month.

I had looked into Skype before and decided against it, but now I'm reconsidering. Skype allows you to make phone calls from your computer through the internet. Instead of using land-line, it uses VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). We would still need DSL, and since our DSL is through Sprint, we would have to get a new account with someone else.
Our Skype username is: pooroldflick

Here's how it works:
Skype is free to call anyone else with Skype. It's kind of like mixing an Instant Messanger chat program with the phone. You can "chat" like you do in AOL Instant Messenger (or Yahoo), or you can call the person and talk for free (if they have Skype). You can also do video conferencing through Skype.

To call an actual phone number, you'll need to get SkypeOut. SkypeOut costs $29.95/year with unlimited calling to anyone inside US and Canada. Or you can buy SkypeOut credits for $0.02/minute. You can also call outside of the US for reletively cheap, depending on the country you're calling. With a $10 SkypeOut credit, you get around 500 minutes of calling any regular phone number.

Then to receive a call from a normal phone, you need to sign up for SkypeIn. For $38/year you get a voicemail account, and you get to select the area code for your new phone number. So, if I picked 574, they would give us a new 574 number that anyone could call. They also have a $12 for 3 months package if you wanted to try it out.

So with SkypeOut and a SkypeIn accounts, you have a regular phone line using your computer for $68/year. But what about a phone?

Skype sells phone that use your Skype account. They're a little pricey, but you're still saving money. They have phones that plug into your USB (for $40), along with wireless phones that you can use around the house.

What happens if your computer isn't on? You can give Skype a call-forwarding number. If I entered my cell phone, it would route the call to my cell, using my SkypeOut account. Or just let voicemail pick it up.

They also have WiFi phones that use your Skype account for $160. You can use the phone anytime it picks up a WiFi (wireless internet) signal. Our house has a WiFi router, so it'd be like having a wireless phone around the house that we could use other places as well.

You don't have to buy a phone if your computer has a microphone (all Macs have a built in mic, and the new Macs have built in video cameras).

Skype has all kinds of add-on "extras" too. With one add-on (or plug-in), you can work on a Word document with someone together.

Other things you can do? 10-person conference call. They also offer an SMS account that allows you to send text messages to cell phones and Sykpe users.

As far as quality of calls, it's similar to the quality of a cell phone.

Is it worth it? We're trying to decide.


(sorry this one wasn't about Cora)