Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tummy Troubles?

I just spent the past hour holding my baby and snuggling. I am not sure what is the matter this evening. I put her to bed at 8pm (oh, wait that was 7pm just a few days ago..errr!) and she screamed bloody murder. I think she might be a little constipated. Sorry for the details for those with weak stomachs. I have been told by many people including the doctor's office that a little karo syrup mixed in cereal can clear that all up. SO, I got her up and gave her some. Then we rocked and cuddled. She was fell asleep so I put her to bed and as soon as her head hit the bed, she awoke and screamed. So, I just brought her downstairs and we cuddled for a while. She finally was out completely and I just got her put to bed. I sure hope she isn't getting sick. I've been feeling yucky myself...sore throat and stuff. Hopefully she doesn't have what I have. Lord, let her sleep well tonight!

Could it also be that she just needed to snuggle with Mommy for a while? This has been a horrid week! I have had a huge change in positions at work and spent 11 hours at work on Monday and 2 more hours working on things at home after Cora went to bed. She spent most of the day with me at work, but we didn't get to just play like we usually do on Mondays! Then today was my day to teach and I had to finish up some other things after teaching so I didn't get to her until 3:30pm. I cried at work this morning after saying goodbye to her. Am I doing right by her? I really think that this week and next week will be rough, then after that we'll be ok. I hope! Daddy's schedule at work might be changing and it would be wonderful timing for us. He will be home during the week and work all weekend, so I can run into work for a few hours here and there and have Daddy watch her when I do.

Enough about the drama! We took Cora to a wedding on Saturday. A co-worker of Daddy's got married. Daddy was so excited to take Cora and show her off. She was the belle of the ball...well at least to those who know us. (She was, hands down, the most beautiful baby there!) After the wedding we went out to eat together. That was interesting because it was past Cora's bedtime, so she started getting cranky and only wanted to grab things she couldn't have. Needless to say...our dinner date was cut short but that is ok...part of parenthood!

The last two are from earlier this evening. Just for fun I put Cora in our guest bathroom sink. She thought it was the best thing ever. She would look at me and giggle and giggle. I live for those giggles! After awhile I noticed a dark spot on her pants and realized she had turned the faucet on. She was getting all wet and not too sure about that!

See you all later!


Julie said...

Ahh, she looks beautiful in her dress! I hope she starts feeling better soon and your week goes a bit better for you.

Jason, Joy & Dawson Wilkins said...

Oh no! I hope she doesn't have an ear infection! That is the same exact thing Dawson does, cry and cuddle when he has one, and as a matter of fact, that's how he was last night! I'm taking him to the doctor in about 5 minutes actually.

I had to laugh out loud at the cutie pic of Cora in the sink disgusted about the water on her! How funny!
Love you much!
Take care of you!

Angela said...

What's up with babies loving to turn water faucets on and off?! I, too, live for the giggles. So much fun!