Monday, March 26, 2007

Rompers and Ponytails

I can't take it! I put Cora in a romper today because I adore babies in rompers and it's supposed to be 78 degrees today, so it's warm enough, right? She is to die for. I also have a tiny little ponytail on top of her head, Pebbles' style! I keep looking at her and just grinning. She is so cute. I know, I know, I'm her Mom and I'm supposed to think that but take a look for yourself. I think you'll agree!

Legs are also the rage...look at those adorable thighs! Enjoy it now baby, because it's not so cute later.

Oh Mom, you're so silly!

And here she is showing how she's almost ready to crawl. She can get herself close to what she wants, but hasn't figured out she can really crawl. Life will be changing soon for Mommy and Daddy.

I rented a Praise Baby dvd from the library because I was interested to see if Cora would react at all to it. React? She loved it...especially when a baby or child came on the screen. She got all excited, grinned, and flapped her arms. So funny! I felt kind of guilty already introducing dvds to her, but it's not something we will use alot. It was just fun to see her watch the kids. We don't plan on showing her the Godfather triology, yet. Just kidding!

Well, peanut is fussing because she is ready for our walk, so I guess I better go enjoy this nice day and get some much needed exercise.



Jason, Joy & Dawson Wilkins said...

Mindy, She's just adorable! She gets that from her mommy! :) :) (um, no offense Kevin)
If I put a ponytail in Dawson's hair he might like it. So I wont' do it. Well, he doesn't have enough hair to do it anyway!
Cora! You are a cutie muffin!

Angela said...

Cutie-patootie!! Love the pics! And in my opinion, don't feel guilty about the dvd's. It's not like you plop her in front of it all the time. And what better dvd than Praise Baby?! :) ~Angela :)