Friday, March 02, 2007

March Comes in Like a Lion

Well it is certainly a lion kind of day here. Yesterday we had thunderstorms and hail and now today it is snowing and blowing. Schools are all on a delay in the area. How strange to go from a thunderstorm to lots of snow! It is pretty to watch those snowflakes fall and this will probably be one of the last snowstorms of the year. We will manage. I am thankful for the day home with peanut. I was supposed to go in to teach this morning at the preschool for a friend who is very sick, but don't have to because of the delay.

We have been busy. What's new? We spent Wednesday with Grandpa and Grandma. Cora gets alot of Grandpa time when we are there. He just plays and plays with her. She certainly has him wrapped around her finger. I know some other people in the same position too.

While we were visiting the social worker from Hospice stopped by. She makes regular visits to all of the clients to be sure everything is going well on the homefront. She is a sweet lady as is everyone we've dealt with. She was telling us that if they had a caregiver of the year award to give out, they all voted it would go to Dad. They all repeatedly tell him what an incredible job he has been doing with Mom and what a joy it is to visit them. She told him that she knows 100% that Mom would never have made it this far without the care she gets from him. He is doing a great job!!!

Cora also turned 7 months old on Wednesday! I can not believe that. There is something about knowing she is over 6 months old now that is hard for me. We are headed straight for the big one year old birthday. It just is going too fast. I adore each step that we have had along this way of parenthood. Why does the first year have to go so fast and so many changes and milestones made so quickly? We're adults for so long! Babyhood should definitely go slower. That's what I think. I do miss my little tiny newborn peanut, but I so enjoy those smiles and babbles that I encounter now. She is my utmost joy!

Yesterday Cora and I visited with Dobbie and Papa. Papa has been busy finishing the upstairs portion of the cabin that he has built. He is amazing too! To walk into their home and know he built it with his bare hands is astounding. It's so beautiful. He has made amazing headway on the upstairs. They will have two big bedrooms with bathrooms, a loft area, and a small theater room when he is done.

Dobbie has really been under the weather for the last week and a half. She started the process of straightening her teeth with braces recently. Cora and I went with her two Mondays ago for her most recent orthodonitic adventure. Right away she noticed some pretty severe pain but had been warned that she would. By the following Thursday she was sure something wasn't right, so she went back. They realized that a wire was not in the right place and pushing a tooth out of it's root. She got that fixed but the pain didn't go away and she started to swell under her mouth and inside. She went to the doctor this week and had a cat scan today. They found she has a rather large abscess in her mouth. She is going in later this afternoon to have it drained. Poor Dobbie! She has been in a lot of pain for the past week. Hopefully they will get it all taken care of and she can feel normal again. But that double chin she is sporting is pretty cute! :)

We gave Cora her first kitchen sink bath this week. She really liked it. I have come to the realization that bathing a baby really is very awkward. I haven't found the best technique. The kitchen sink is nice, but it's hard to wash her hair. Laying her down in the tub in a little water works well but I am sprawled out over the tub's side. awkward as it is...I love giving her a bath and watching her play in the water. She is starting to have fun in the water now and sometimes cries when I take her out.

Well, I think that is it for now. Enjoy your day wherever you may be!


me said...

Hey Mindy... mother of 5 kitchen sink bathers... My mom taught me to wrap the baby in towel (so they can't fight you off) and wash hair first. It would be like a football hold/hairdresser washing. Then you can rinse, towel dry and bath regular. I also did reverse proceedures of bath first and then washing in the winter. Depends on how warm your house is... brrr nothing like wet hair on a cold day. Some of my boys hated having their hair washed so we had to do that last... too much trauma!-owl mom

Angela said...

I agree that bathing a baby is seems like you can't get the right positions to wash all the necessary areas. ;) But, it is great fun, and thankfully my girl enjoys it! I guess we'll just keep plugging along and await the time when they can bathe themselves. ;) Take care! Angela :)