Friday, March 23, 2007

Hodge Podge

It's been another busy week. Cora and I have been spending alot more time at Mommy's work. What a blessing to have such a content and laid back baby. Here are some fun pictures from our past couple of weeks.

Who's that baby looking at me?

Cora discovered Dobbie's braces and just wanted to touch them!

Snuggled in Grandpa's arms!

Meeting Raggedy Ann and Andy for the first time.

Play date at McDonalds with two preschoolers from Mommy's class last year.

Loving green beans!

Cora is not mobile yet! I think that is actually a praise on my part. Life is going to change so much when mobility comes and there is no going back. So we are just enjoying each day of knowing that she can not yet get into things on her own. It will all come soon enough. I am definetely not pushing her in that area.

She has mastered being a "Nosey Rosey" now. She gets this look on her face when she wants to see something better. She tilts her head up looks down her nose to see it better with her chin pushed forward. It's quite a nosey look and pretty cute. It entertains us too.

Cora has a bad habit at night now. When I go in to get her in the morning, she is completely jammed into a corner of the crib with her blanket over her head. We've put her all the way at the other end and she still finds her way to the opposite end and stuffs her head in the corner. Then she doesn't sleep peacefully. So that creates a we wake her up to move her or let her sleep in the corner. When your child is sleeping through the night, it's hard to choose to wake them. It's a dilemma!


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