Saturday, March 03, 2007

Funny Girl

The past two days Cora has been trying with great determination to pull her fingers off. She grabs hold of one set of fingers with her other hand and then pulls with all her might. She gets this really determined look on her face and even grunts. I have tried to explain to her that her fingers are attached and try as she might, they won't come off. She doesn't seem to understand. The sad part is that it has been great entertainment for Daddy and I. We do not have any pictures of this yet.

She has taken a great fascination to catalogs just like Mommy and Dobbie. We love to look through catalogs and now Cora does also. The catalogs that she looks through tend to be crumpled and very wet when she is done though. The following pictures show her looking through the spring issue of Pottery Barn Kids. She has expensive taste, what can I say?


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