Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cora's family tree

Joy Road Farm - Plymouth MII've been working periodically on our family tree, spending a day here and a few hours there. I don't have everything added to our tree yet, but I do have a good start.

We decided to share our information on a site called Geneanet, so I can share information with other "genealogists".

Here is our family tree, starting with Cora:

So far I have close to 750 individuals in our tree, going beyond 14 generations (from Cora) in quite a few branches (into the 1400s in some lines).

We'll be adding photos of family members to our online tree. I also be adding written accounts of some of the family members, including Civil War letters.

What sparked my interest was a curiosity of my family name of Flick. My grandfather Flick died when my dad was very young, and I knew relatively nothing beyond a few names. Who were the Flicks? When did they come from Europe? I was surprised with how quickly some of the information came together, thanks to the Internet.

My next focus on our tree will be researching Mindy's mom's lineage. She has Native American ancestors, so it'll be very intriguing (I've always been interested in Native American history). I also need to do more research on some of the branches of my mother's side.

The internet has made it so easy to find information. If you know your great-great-grandparents information, you can most likely find them in other family trees. Sometimes it's a matter of piecing trees together to develop your own.

By the way, don't worry. Details (beyond their name) of living individuals are hidden without a password.

- Kevin Flick

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