Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spending a Day with Dobbie and Papa

On Tuesday Dobbie and Papa watched Cora so Daddy could get some much needed extra sleep while Mommy was at work. They took her to a local airport to visit with some friends that they have gotten to know in the last few months. Papa purchased a gyrocopter this winter and is in the process of rebuilding it and is also learning how to fly gyrocopters with an instructor at the airport. This has been a dream of his for a long time. When he was a child, he got the schematics for gyrocopters and held on to them for years. This is a photo of a gyrocopter (it isn't Papa's, since we don't have a photo of his yet):

After their morning out, Cora got alot of playtime in with Dobbie, Papa, and Shiloh, their Golden Retriever. Daddy sent the camera with them to make sure her first day out without Mommy and Daddy would get well documented. :)

Here are some pictures we took of our peanut today. Her blue eyes were popping out in them.

The weather has been really nice finally. It's been in the 40's and feels like a heat wave. Spring is coming! Here is Art looking out the window for it!



Julie said...

Hey, Mindy! I was just seeing if your week had started looking better yet. I hope you and Kevin and Cora have a wonderful weekend, and maybe it'll warm back up! Next time it warms up, we should go on a walk with our girls together! :)

Angela said...

Hey! Yeah--our girls are about a month apart...Addie was born June 14. But yours definitely has way more hair! :) I can't get over how alike they are from what you write! And thanks for commenting...I agree that our viewers aren't really commenters. (is that a word?!) :) See ya!