Friday, February 16, 2007


We had another rough night. Well, it was more rough on me than the others in my household. We had to have Petie, our miniature Schnauzer of 9 years put down last night. He has been sick for some time. This cold spell that hit us also brought on a bad case of arthritis. He could hardly get himself up the past few days and started having lots of accidents. We had been keeping him our laundry room due to these things.

He was my baby so it was really hard. Kevin took him in for me and I felt like such a bad dog Mom. I couldn't even go be with him. It was so hard to just make the phone call and send Kevin out the door with him. He put him in a box and carried him out of the house. I kept wanting to call Kevin and say, "NO! Just bring him back." But I didn't.

Since we have all this snow and the ground is very frozen, we have nowhere to bury him, so that was hard too. His body will be sent to be cremated and his ashes spread over a flower garden, at least that's what the vet office told us. Who knows if that is what really happens? I will just trust they were telling the truth.

I feel sad today. I know it's just a dog, but he was our dog. We took him with us everywhere when we first had him. He loved to go. All you would have to say is "go" or "walk" and he would go nuts and was ready for the upcoming adventure.

He was 14 years old and old age was hitting him very hard. Yesterday there were some very big indicators that it was time. I will spare you all the details. It's just hard to think about. I will miss him. He was my gardening companion. He would lay in the flower garden while I weeded and worked on our flowers.

Ok, enough!

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candt said...

My first kitty cat is in that garden, too. Petie will have a friend there.