Friday, February 16, 2007

Musically Inclined?

Something that Cora seems to love is acoustic music. When she was born we had The Innocence Mission's Now The Day Is Over (and album of lullabies) playing in the background throughout the day. The Innocence Mission has a textured acoustical folk sound, with dreamy guitars and a female vocalist with an Irish accent.

The first night that we brought Cora home, as I was putting her to bed, I sang to her with the Innocence Mission playing in the background. I remember Cora's face, full of astonishment, and a sweet smile.

Several weeks later we took Cora to our friend's wedding. It was set in an old church, with natural acoustics with long reverberated decays. While someone was playing the piano, Cora's face lit up with wonder.

The other day I received a pre-release copy of The Innocence Mission's We Walked In Song. Every time I play it, Cora looks toward the stereo or the computer (whatever I'm playing it on) and her face lights up. She stops playing and just soaks it in.

I remember responding this way as a child. I had an 8-track of a hippie "Jesus music" band in 1981 when I was five. Every day I would sit down to listen to that 8-track. As I got older, I always had a vinyl record or cassette tape that I would listen to when I got home from school. I would slip the headphones on and sing along. I guess that never changed.

- Flick

Listen to The Innocence Mission:
The Innocence Mission - Into Brooklyn, Early In The Morning (We Walked In Song)
The Innocence Mission - Lake Shore Drive (We Walked In Song)
The Innocence Mission - What A Wonderful Word (Now The Day Is Over)
The Innocence Mission - Tomorrow On The Runway (Befriended)
The Innocence Mission - Where Does The Time Go (Birds Of My Neighborhood)

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