Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Blizzard

So you know, the weather people have us under a Blizzard advisory, so I am not just making that up!

Here are some pics we took today since we are snowed in. It is very yucky out. It's so bad that Kevin won't be able to go to work tonight. They are closing schools for tomorrow and the snow plows are quitting for the day because they can not keep up. It is so windy and that is creating huge drifts. So we are all snowed in together and have homemade cheese soup in the slow cooker. We'll stay cozy!

I put Cora in her Bumbo seat on the kitchen counter today to watch the snow. She was fascinated with all the action outside.

Cora has been very wet today. She has been blowing bubbles out of her mouth and nose. She has quite a case of the sniffles. Kevin likes to say she is moist. Haha!

Stay warm!

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