Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Post!

What a downer that last post was! I wanted to share it though, as my little doggy was a good dog! So...I spent my morning playing with Cora. She always helps me feel so much better. She brings me such joy. What did I do before her? Hmmmm...meaningless things. Everything has a new and wonderful meaning.

We played on the floor together and I took some new pictures. Of course, I took pictures. I take pictures all of the time. I am so thankful for digital! I do have to confess that 80% of our pictures have not been developed yet. I need to get on that and get going on her scrapbook. I have one page done. That has to count for something. When does one scrapbook, though? Where do I fit that into everything else? :)

Cora and I have a fun game that we play. I put her on a quilt that Dobbie made for her (more for me though, as I ADORE the colors of the fabric. It is in the pictures on this post. Isn't it gorgeous!) I lay her on her back and then very carefully pick the sides of the blanket up and roll her over to her tummy and back and forth. She loves it and I love it because I always get lots of smiles out of her.

Be sure to check out Callum Maxwell's new blog and our friend Moriah's blog. The links are on the right under "Our Friend's Blogs."

Stay warm. It's another very cold day here! Next week it's supposed to be up to 36 degrees though!


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