Saturday, February 10, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine

Here is our little sunshine beaming that smile when I got her up from her morning nap today. She's always so happy.

I was looking through Cora's things in her closet and realized we have alot of stuffed animals already for her. So we put them all in her crib to take some silly pictures. The reason we hide the stuffed animals in the closet is not because we are mean parents. It's because we have an obnoxious cat. Art thinks it's his right to attack any stuffed animal that is left out. He literally attacks them and attempts to "kill his prey!" So we just keep them in the closet. Not sure how that will all work when Cora's bigger and wants them out to play with them.

Where's Cora?

To fill you all in....Kevin retrieved our pictures!!! I was so relieved. There were some important things on that hard drive that he hasn't been able to get yet though. Our water pipe got fixed and we have clean clothes again! Thank you so much to Papa Flick!!!! Kevin is feeling better now too. He was able to go to work last night, but is sound asleep now. Cora didn't end up getting sick! Our blue car is on the way to getting fixed. AND it's supposed to be 22 degrees today. Heat Wave!!!

So hopefully our difficult week is over.

Cora's new thing is shrieking. She has realized that she can make really loud sounds with her voice. She gets pretty loud! We just shriek with her. Haha!


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