Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Freeing up Space on the Computer

Well, we officially have so many pictures of Cora that we ran out of room on our computer! Kevin used his birthday money to purchase an external hard dive to keep our pictures on. I didn't know how to get to our pictures with this change and with our opposite schedules, we haven't been together long enough for me to learn. Finally I tried to do it this morning so I could finally get a new blog up. Let's just say it didn't go well and there were tears! I had to wake Kevin up to help me which didn't make him very happy. So this blog took alot of work but here it is! And there are alot of new pictures to enjoy.

Let me start off by saying...."Congratulations" to our friends Juston and Erin who have a healthy baby boy as of Monday morning! Callum Maxwell arrived weighing 7lbs. 7oz! Erin called last night to let us know and I was positively giddy. We are so excited for them!!!!! I wish we could see baby Callum. We are anxiously awaiting pictures. We'll put one up when we get them!

Here Cora is showing how big her new friend Callum is!

Let me also say that it is COLD here! It is 3 degrees outside right now. Brrrrr! It's been cold, cold, cold since last Friday. It's been so cold that the area schools cancelled yesterday and today! It's snowing out now too. They are wondering about tomorrow too! A heat wave of 20 degrees will hit by the weekend. WhoooHooo!!!! So due to the cold, Cora and I have not been out of our house since Friday morning. I am going NUTS!!!!!! I'm feeling pretty wacked out today! Haha! We don't want Cora out in this weather at all so it's worth it because she is staying warm and healthy. We had a doctor's appointment on Friday and our doctor warned that RSV is going around again. So that is another HUGE reason that we are being hermits. :)

Speaking of the doctor, Cora did WONDERFUL!!!! She is 14 lbs. 2 oz. and 26 in. long. Our doctor is thrilled with how well Cora is doing! She is such an easy and good baby. She handled her shots really well too. We're done now until she turns 1 years old. (I don't even want to go there!) It's so fun to go to the doctor's office because everyone is always so excited to see Cora. They have become like family to us!

On Sunday Dobbie and Papa came over to watch the Superbowl and help us cheer on the Colts. Cora wasn't sure what to think of all the cheering and excitement. I personally like to watch the Superbowl commercials. Haha! My favorite was the one with David Letterman and Oprah...good for shock value.

Cora had fun chewing on Papa's cell phone during the Superbowl!

Cora had her first taste of something other than cereal. We tried avocados, but as her face shows, she didn't like it that much. Oh well, we'll try again some other time.

Cora has really gotten into kissing! She will grab my face with both of her hands and plant her mouth on whatever part of my face or neck she can get to and slobber away! It's so cute but she doesn't like bearded or whiskery faces to kiss. She does like to grab and pull on Daddy's beard.

The other day Art, our cat climbed on the chair back to look out the window. Cora was completely enthralled especially when he started to swish his tail around. She kept grabbing it and trying to put it in her mouth. (Don't worry, we didn't let her!) She thought this was a very fun game.

I love this picture of Cora and Daddy. She is smiling so big!

Be sure to check out our flickr page as there are alot more pictures up there.
Well we hope that you are all staying warm and safe. We are praying for a warm-up soon!


Julie said...

Hey Mindy!
It is cold outside--way too cold! We're staying inside too, mainly b/c Moriah has RSV which developed into pneumonia. We ended up in the ER on Sunday night b/c she was coughing and wheezing so bad. I feel so bad for her. She has to take breathing treatments every fours hours. It is not fun! So, yeah, keep your precious little girl safe inside!

Angela said...

I know what you mean about being cooped up with a baby since it's so cold! I'm getting cabin fever, too! :) Sounds like our little girls are a lot alike. Hope you don't mind me reading..I'm a friend of the Wilkins'. :)

Julie Reynolds said...

I don't like to hear that RSV is going around!! Jacob just spiked a fever again yesterday and had started to wheeze the night before. We called the dr. & she told us to go ahead with the breathing treatments 4 x per day, too. Haven't run an RSV test yet this time, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. He goes back for an ear checkup to make sure the ear infections are gone and then depending on what the ENT thinks, and how Jacob is breathing, we could end up at the pediatrician! Argh!!!!