Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I'm ready for spring! After keeping Cora in away from the cold weather and sick people, she's getting sick. She started a runny nose this afternoon and then this evening got very cuddly! I pray she sleeps it off.

To top off my cabin fever, I went to do some laundry today and discovered our pipe to the washing machine was frozen. My father-in-law came over this evening to help us out and discovered that the pipe had already burst! ARGH!!!! So now (thank you, thank you, thank you), he is coming back to help out tomorrow. They have it all rigged up tonight and are trying to get it thawed out.

AND that fancy new hard drive that contains every picture that has ever been taken of my baby girl, is not cooperating. The hard drive was corrupted!!!! My hubby assures me that he can get it fixed but right now I am panicking. I can't think about the fact that all of my baby's pictures are on a corrupted hard drive right now. I know this is silly, but please pray that he can get it fixed for the sake of the pictures.

And it's just plain cold!!!!! Ok, I think I'm done complaining. I'm just worn out. Too much drama going on here.

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