Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blizzardy Day

We are getting slammed today with high winds and snow all day. All of the schools in the area are closed. We're supposed to get almost a foot of snow. I'm excited. We haven't had a lot of snow this year, cold temperatures, yes, but not snow. It really is pretty coming down and so much prettier when you don't have to get out.

I did have to get out today to get some infant cold medicine. Cora has started a cold so I ran to the pharmacy to get her some cough medicine. I laid her down 2 1/2 hours ago for a nap. She is still out. I need to wake her up so she can eat, but she needs rest too. What a quandary for Mama.

Cora and I went to the local outlet mall with Dobbie yesteray. We bundled Cora up in her inant seat/stroller system and tackled the sales. It was in the 30's yesterday so it wasn't bad. She stayed nice and snug. I am so grateful for that travel system. Anyways, we hit Carter's and Children's Place. I always find a splurge at Carter's. I got this adorable little summer pant set for Cora and a little pair of sunglasses. BUT I hit the jackpot at Children's Place. I got her denim skirts for $0.99 and bodysuits for $2.50 and more. I was so excited. When I find deals like this, I buy for upcoming sizes. It's hard to know how fast or slow she will grow, but I just try to guess well. At prices like that, we'll make it work.

My friend Ellen thought Cora looked like a Bitty Baby (American Girl Dolls) in the above outfit. She really does! Our own little Bitty Baby!

Hope you are all snug and cozy today. We will be!

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