Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bath Time

I took some pictures of Cora this morning during her bath time. She loves baths IF they are during the daytime, but if I give her one before bed, she screams and screams. I think maybe she is pooped and just ready for bed and getting in the bath is enough to put her over the edge. I don't know! So we do daytime baths!!!

There is a picture of me as a baby that looks just like the one above but I am hiding beside my Mom and Dad's bed. It will not be posted, ever, just so you know! Haha!

Cora has become enthralled with cups and glasses, especially if we are drinking out of them. She will grab it and try to get her mouth on the top. If she can't, she will even attempt to lick the side. It's pretty funny! Here are some pictures to prove my point. :)

This is the cup I use to rinse her in the bath. Don't worry, there was no yucky bath water in the cup!

We didn't make it to church today. Cora is still fighting her cold and had a fitful night of sleep, so Cora and I didn't get very much sleep. (That is a first in months!) We could have gone to the later service, but Daddy has to go back to work for a few hours and our other car isn't running now. So we are borrowing a car from Dobbie and Papa. Our blue car is fixed. We just need to get it now. So Cora and I don't have a car until he gets home. What a week! Wait, what a month!!!!! Augh! :) It's got to get better. I hadn't mentioned anything about our 2nd car breaking down because I thought you all might think I was beginning to make up all of these things that are going wrong right now. Well, I am not. Blogging has become my escape from all of this stuff!

Kevin just commented that I am addicted to blogging. Well, ok....maybe, I am. I just love posting about my baby. I want you all to see what a joy she is. Actually, maybe I am addicted to Cora. Hmmm? I like that better. I see this as such a great way to share her with those of you who do not get to see her as often as others. And for those of you who do get to see her often, well, it's a way for you to enjoy her when you don't see her. Thanks to whoever created blogging!


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