Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finding Balance

It seems like Cora is developing her coordination. This morning she was sitting beside me, playing with her toys. Her green frog teething toy was halfway hidden under the blanket she was on. She surprised me when she reached down with one hand and lifted the blanket, grabbing the frog with her other hand. I felt so proud!

Later in the morning I began to feed her (this is daddy if you haven't figured so) with the bottle. Cora reached up with one hand and held onto the side of the bottle! She then reached up
with her other hand and daddy let go of the bottle as she fed herself. This is monumental.

This leads us to another point that mommy and I are sorting through (we're coming to the same conclusion). When Cora cries and wants to be picked up, do you pick her up or allow her to cry a little? I understand some discipline styles would argue that she should cry it out so she doesn't learn to control the parent, or to expect to be spoiled. Although I do agree that I don't want Cora to learn to be controlling or spoiled, are those habits that she would learn at 7 months old? Is the concept of defiance something she's even aware of yet? Maybe in minute scales.

We don't want to risk Cora learning that she can't communicate with us, or that she isn't understood. We also don't want her to develop feelings of neglect. It's one thing when she needs to sleep and is cranky from being tired. We'll allow her to cry it out a little. But if she isn't falling asleep, she begins to think "They're not listening!" (in baby language).

I'm not into Dr. Spock and his style of allowing children to self-govern themselves at the age of 8, because it essentially turns into the children governing the parents. Yet, I do want her to have a sense of self and not believe she has to be held all the time. Autonomy is a good thing for her to slowly develop over the course of 18 years. But at 7 months, isn't it more about her learning that we listen and love her? That's the conclusion we've come to.We're not about to hand her the keys to the city gates until she heads to college, yet we do want her to learn self-discipline and self-control.

It's all about balance, isn't it? By the way, Cora isn't a fussy child by any means. There are days when she needs and wants to be held all day. She probably isn't feeling well during those days and can't express it. I'd rather teach her at 7 months that 1) I'll comfort her, and 2) I listen. We'll deal with autonomy vs. dictatorship issues as she reaches age 2.

- Flick

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ice Storm

We were supposed to be hit with an awful ice storm last night. It did in fact sound awful while it was hitting us, but ended up being a slush storm. It's all melted today and warming up so it is very wet out. Cora and I didn't go out again today. She woke up with a really runny nose, so it is fine that we're not getting out. She has been very clingy and needy today and I am a bit worn out. Is it 8pm yet? Oh, I love her so much, but I am ready for a break today!

I've been wiping her nose all day and she hates that. She cries and cries while I am doing it and after I am finished as if I have invaded her personal space. I try to do it as gently as I can but she still hates it. I don't know any child who enjoys having their nose wiped though.

Cora has discovered that she can say, "Buh, buh, buh." It's very cute and she chatters on and on using her new word. She is laying beside me right now saying it.

Here are some new pics from the past few days.

Where's Cora?



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Spending a Day with Dobbie and Papa

On Tuesday Dobbie and Papa watched Cora so Daddy could get some much needed extra sleep while Mommy was at work. They took her to a local airport to visit with some friends that they have gotten to know in the last few months. Papa purchased a gyrocopter this winter and is in the process of rebuilding it and is also learning how to fly gyrocopters with an instructor at the airport. This has been a dream of his for a long time. When he was a child, he got the schematics for gyrocopters and held on to them for years. This is a photo of a gyrocopter (it isn't Papa's, since we don't have a photo of his yet):

After their morning out, Cora got alot of playtime in with Dobbie, Papa, and Shiloh, their Golden Retriever. Daddy sent the camera with them to make sure her first day out without Mommy and Daddy would get well documented. :)

Here are some pictures we took of our peanut today. Her blue eyes were popping out in them.

The weather has been really nice finally. It's been in the 40's and feels like a heat wave. Spring is coming! Here is Art looking out the window for it!


Monday, February 19, 2007


Here are some pics of Cora with her winter hat and sunglasses. We couldn't resist! You have to admit, she looks really, really, really cute.

And here we have added the pj's and pacifier to the ensemble. It's what is hot this season! Every girl needs this outfit.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bath Time

I took some pictures of Cora this morning during her bath time. She loves baths IF they are during the daytime, but if I give her one before bed, she screams and screams. I think maybe she is pooped and just ready for bed and getting in the bath is enough to put her over the edge. I don't know! So we do daytime baths!!!

There is a picture of me as a baby that looks just like the one above but I am hiding beside my Mom and Dad's bed. It will not be posted, ever, just so you know! Haha!

Cora has become enthralled with cups and glasses, especially if we are drinking out of them. She will grab it and try to get her mouth on the top. If she can't, she will even attempt to lick the side. It's pretty funny! Here are some pictures to prove my point. :)

This is the cup I use to rinse her in the bath. Don't worry, there was no yucky bath water in the cup!

We didn't make it to church today. Cora is still fighting her cold and had a fitful night of sleep, so Cora and I didn't get very much sleep. (That is a first in months!) We could have gone to the later service, but Daddy has to go back to work for a few hours and our other car isn't running now. So we are borrowing a car from Dobbie and Papa. Our blue car is fixed. We just need to get it now. So Cora and I don't have a car until he gets home. What a week! Wait, what a month!!!!! Augh! :) It's got to get better. I hadn't mentioned anything about our 2nd car breaking down because I thought you all might think I was beginning to make up all of these things that are going wrong right now. Well, I am not. Blogging has become my escape from all of this stuff!

Kevin just commented that I am addicted to blogging. Well, ok....maybe, I am. I just love posting about my baby. I want you all to see what a joy she is. Actually, maybe I am addicted to Cora. Hmmm? I like that better. I see this as such a great way to share her with those of you who do not get to see her as often as others. And for those of you who do get to see her often, well, it's a way for you to enjoy her when you don't see her. Thanks to whoever created blogging!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

We took Cora outside this afternoon to take some pictures of her in the snow. I've been wanting to get some for a while, but it's been so bitterly cold. Today it actually was not so cold. It has snowed all day, the big fluffy snowflakes. It's been so pretty all day with it coming down. We bundled Cora up in her snowsuit, hat, and scarf and took her out. She was pretty tired because she hasn't napped today, so she wasn't as thrilled with our adventure as we had hoped. But we did get some cute pictures. Hope you enjoy!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Musically Inclined?

Something that Cora seems to love is acoustic music. When she was born we had The Innocence Mission's Now The Day Is Over (and album of lullabies) playing in the background throughout the day. The Innocence Mission has a textured acoustical folk sound, with dreamy guitars and a female vocalist with an Irish accent.

The first night that we brought Cora home, as I was putting her to bed, I sang to her with the Innocence Mission playing in the background. I remember Cora's face, full of astonishment, and a sweet smile.

Several weeks later we took Cora to our friend's wedding. It was set in an old church, with natural acoustics with long reverberated decays. While someone was playing the piano, Cora's face lit up with wonder.

The other day I received a pre-release copy of The Innocence Mission's We Walked In Song. Every time I play it, Cora looks toward the stereo or the computer (whatever I'm playing it on) and her face lights up. She stops playing and just soaks it in.

I remember responding this way as a child. I had an 8-track of a hippie "Jesus music" band in 1981 when I was five. Every day I would sit down to listen to that 8-track. As I got older, I always had a vinyl record or cassette tape that I would listen to when I got home from school. I would slip the headphones on and sing along. I guess that never changed.

- Flick

Listen to The Innocence Mission:
The Innocence Mission - Into Brooklyn, Early In The Morning (We Walked In Song)
The Innocence Mission - Lake Shore Drive (We Walked In Song)
The Innocence Mission - What A Wonderful Word (Now The Day Is Over)
The Innocence Mission - Tomorrow On The Runway (Befriended)
The Innocence Mission - Where Does The Time Go (Birds Of My Neighborhood)

Happy Post!

What a downer that last post was! I wanted to share it though, as my little doggy was a good dog! So...I spent my morning playing with Cora. She always helps me feel so much better. She brings me such joy. What did I do before her? Hmmmm...meaningless things. Everything has a new and wonderful meaning.

We played on the floor together and I took some new pictures. Of course, I took pictures. I take pictures all of the time. I am so thankful for digital! I do have to confess that 80% of our pictures have not been developed yet. I need to get on that and get going on her scrapbook. I have one page done. That has to count for something. When does one scrapbook, though? Where do I fit that into everything else? :)

Cora and I have a fun game that we play. I put her on a quilt that Dobbie made for her (more for me though, as I ADORE the colors of the fabric. It is in the pictures on this post. Isn't it gorgeous!) I lay her on her back and then very carefully pick the sides of the blanket up and roll her over to her tummy and back and forth. She loves it and I love it because I always get lots of smiles out of her.

Be sure to check out Callum Maxwell's new blog and our friend Moriah's blog. The links are on the right under "Our Friend's Blogs."

Stay warm. It's another very cold day here! Next week it's supposed to be up to 36 degrees though!



We had another rough night. Well, it was more rough on me than the others in my household. We had to have Petie, our miniature Schnauzer of 9 years put down last night. He has been sick for some time. This cold spell that hit us also brought on a bad case of arthritis. He could hardly get himself up the past few days and started having lots of accidents. We had been keeping him our laundry room due to these things.

He was my baby so it was really hard. Kevin took him in for me and I felt like such a bad dog Mom. I couldn't even go be with him. It was so hard to just make the phone call and send Kevin out the door with him. He put him in a box and carried him out of the house. I kept wanting to call Kevin and say, "NO! Just bring him back." But I didn't.

Since we have all this snow and the ground is very frozen, we have nowhere to bury him, so that was hard too. His body will be sent to be cremated and his ashes spread over a flower garden, at least that's what the vet office told us. Who knows if that is what really happens? I will just trust they were telling the truth.

I feel sad today. I know it's just a dog, but he was our dog. We took him with us everywhere when we first had him. He loved to go. All you would have to say is "go" or "walk" and he would go nuts and was ready for the upcoming adventure.

He was 14 years old and old age was hitting him very hard. Yesterday there were some very big indicators that it was time. I will spare you all the details. It's just hard to think about. I will miss him. He was my gardening companion. He would lay in the flower garden while I weeded and worked on our flowers.

Ok, enough!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Pictures

Here are some cute pics that we took of Cora today. She loves to be in her jumper now that her feet can touch the floor.

Cora is still battling her cold today. I hope it gets better soon. It's no fun to see your baby sick. And when do you call the doctor? I don't know! This is just a cold so far, so we haven't called.

Here are some pics of the remnants from yesterday's snow storm. The sun is out today so some of it has melted. We spent the morning digging out since we don't have a snow blower.