Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Blogs

So weekends must be my time to post new blogs as this is the third one this weekend! Be sure to check them all out. :)

These pics are from this evening.

Cora has been sitting up so much now. She likes to sit in her Boppy and play with her toys. She looks like such a big girl. Wow!

Our blue car died the other night as Kevin was driving to work. Dobbie and Papa came over tonight so Papa could help Kevin get it back to our house. We had them stay for pizza and The Office! Can you tell that we are completely addicted to that show.

Dobbie's birthday was while we were in South Carolina. Kevin's sister came up with all of the families making scrapbook pages of the grandkiddos to compile in a scrapbook for her. Well, we had to put that on hold because Leah's family couldn't make it to South Carolina because she had sick kids (there were sick kids in South Carolina too) and she had the scrapbook. Dobbie and Papa went to Leah's house on Friday to exchange Christmas gifts and she was able to get the scrapbook. We put our pages in when they came over. It's really cute. Cora was helping her look through it in the above picture.

Cora has become obsessed with blowing bubbles. It is too cute. Once she gets started, she just goes on and on. Her shirt is usually pretty wet due to the bubbles. I was able to get some cute pics of her doing this.

Look at that one!!!! Wow!

Hope you all had a great weekend. As you can see from our recent blogs, we did!

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