Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tid Bits

Cora and Daddy have been doing very well on the days that I work. Daddy loves spending time with his sweetie. Cora likes that time too. (She has told me.) Daddy is usually pretty tired by the time I get home from work, but he knows it's worth it.

Cora had fun showing off her sitting up skills to Grandma Danner. She was perched on her lap smiling at her and telling her all about her adventures. Maybe Grandma understands what she is babbling about. :)

What a pretty girl!!!! I can't get enough of that peanut!

Hey, Grandma, watch me suck my thumb!

Cora helped Mommy make cookies this week. Well, she sat in her Bumbo seat and chewed on a small wooden spoon. I look forward to baking with her someday soon. She got a neat child-sized baking set this year for Christmas from her Great Aunt Sharon. It will get alot of use.

Cora managed to pull off her sock and turn herself around 180 degrees on her activity mat the other day. She was pretty proud of herself!

I have waited for this for so long. There is nothing cuter than a little baby sucking on their toes. Cora discovered that she could do this the other night and she did it with the utmost passion! It was so precious! Needless to say, we have lots of pics and video!

She only does it when she only has a diaper on, which makes it even cuter. She doesn't seem to think about it when she has all of her clothes on or socks!

She has taken an interest in animals. She loves to watch our cat Art these days. She watches Roscoe at Grandpa Danner's house. At Papa's house she is very curious about Shiloh. Shiloh loves Cora and lays her head on Cora's lap. Cora runs her hand over her fur and tugs on her ears. Shiloh just loves it. Very cute!

Cora has been smooching on Dobbie. Dobbie puts her up to her face and Cora "kisses" her. She leaves her mouth hanging open and grins and grins. Very wet kisses!

Cora fell asleep on my lap when I was goofing around on Dobbie's piano. She was loving the sounds and just watching. I realized she was feeling very heavy and floppy. I looked down and she was passed out.

Dobbie and Papa came over to cheer on the Colts on Sunday night. Cora got in on the action with the hat.



The Wilkins Family said...

She is such a little cutie puff! Sometime soon, I'll come over and you Cora, Dawson and I will make cookies. The kind with rice cereal in them. ha! :)

Anonymous said...

toe sucking is my fav pics of a baby girl but has to be naked her bald, puffy little p---y nice and close, my ex had a home daycare so I got tons of p---y, back then the sexual touching wasn't a big bad thing so I could even get the toddlers to pull down their let me take their panties or let me take them off and finger them, potty training was fantastic, had a few that even let me put my c--k in their mouths, miss those days of easy sex with toddlers

Anonymous said...

totally agree