Monday, January 15, 2007

Quiet Weekend

Cora and I had a pretty quiet weekend. Daddy is recording a local band in the basement so Cora and I were banned to the upstairs all last week. There's only so much one can do upstairs (I did move all the 0-3 clothes out and put all the 3-6 clothes in Cora's room. Very sad!), so on Saturday we went to Dobbie and Papa's to get out. Sunday other than church and small group we were home. Daddy was so exhausted from his busy week that he crashed and didn't make it to church. I have to admit it was nice Sunday evening to have him up with us. He usually is sleeping all day Sunday after he gets home from church. We splurged and got pizza and watched Deal or No Deal. We like that show but only watch it once in awhile. We are completely addicted to The Office and Lost. Those are the two shows we plan around. Haha!

At church there are three baby girls who are just a few months apart. The one who is 1 1/2 months older than Cora was laying on the floor scootching backwards already! I couldn't believe it. She'll be crawling very soon! I put Cora on the floor beside her and they were reaching for each other. Very cute. I had sat Cora on her bottom and was holding her up. I let go of her and she just sat there like a big girl! I couldn't belive it. She was sitting up. It must have been the pressure to show off in front of her little friend. Haha! The other baby girl is 3 months younger than Cora and already weighs almost as much as her and is quickly catching up in clothes sizes! Cora is a peanut!

Here are some pics of her on Sunday night sitting up.

Ummm....a little help here would be nice, Mom!

Cora is really getting into her cereal now. If I am not fast enough she hangs her mouth open like a little bird and falls forward trying to reach the spoon. She also thinks it's great fun to suck her thumb and rub the cereal all over her face. Too funny!

She also has this new thing about seeing things upside down. If she's in her Bumbo seat, she arches back so she can be upside down. If you're holding her, she pushes back so she can be upside down.

Cora is a thumb sucker. It doesn't matter which thumb either. She throws her hand against her face and drags it across her face to her mouth. Then there's the joyous moment when her thumb finds her mouth. She sucks away and if she is sucking intently, she falls asleep with it. It does fall out while she's sleeping, but she can find it again while asleep! Very cute.

Here she's fall asleep with it.

It falls out of her mouth and stays mid-air for a bit.

Then it hits the floor!

Mid-sleep she needs a refresher and finds it again!

Her other hand is usually on her face, ear, or head.


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The Wilkins Family said...

You make her sleep on the FLOOR???
just kidding.
I love Cora. She and Dawson will be thumb-sucking best friends.
Love you,