Saturday, January 27, 2007

Old Pictures from a Few Weeks Ago

Here are some pics that some friends sent me via email a few weeks ago. I had some problems getting them onto our computer, but finally got it today! My friend Erin that stayed with us after New Year's, sent this one of Cora's first cereal experience to me. So cute!

On the Friday after New Year's (a few weeks back) Cora and I had a "play date" at McDonalds with our friends Shannon, Maddie and Timothy. We met at one that has a play place so her kids could play and we could catch up as we hadn't seen each other in quite some time.

While we were there, my dad came in for his afternoon coffee break. He tries to get away in the afternoons to meet some guys for coffee and chatting. It so happened that we were there when he came in. I had Shannon take Cora up to him and see if he recognized her. I hid back in the play area to watch. She walked up to him and said, "Would you mind holding this baby while I get some ice cream cones for my kids?" He gave her a confused look but took Cora because he knew Cora but not who this woman was. It was funny. I came out and he started to laugh. He said he thought he recognized Shannon, but wasn't sure. He said he knew it was Cora right away, though! :) He had only met Shannon one other time, quite a few years ago.

He ended up holding her and showing her off to all of his pals. She took a nap while he had her.

I will try to get our new pics up from this past week soon!

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