Saturday, January 13, 2007

Go OSU!!!

Dobbie and Papa came over on Monday to watch the big OSU game with us. My birthday happened to fall on the same day so we celebrated that too. I turned 32 this year. Dobbie brought a cheesecake and used olives to represent the number 32. Too funny!!!! Of course, we took the olives off when we ate it! They were all very heartbroken by the end of the evening. The Buckeyes didn't come through as we all thought they would. Cora helped cheer them on too with an OSU hat.

Kevin surprised me by having a boquet of beautiful red roses delivered to our house. It was very nice of him!

Cora and I spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Danner on Wednesday. It is so neat to watch Cora as she watches her Grandma and talks to her. I know somewhere inside Grandma knows!

Cora has been sitting up with support for quite awhile now. I think she'll be doing it on her own very soon. She is getting so strong. Here she fell over a bit while on the couch. She has taken such an interest in her toys. She loves things that she can chew on right now. I can scatter them around her and she is content for a while.

She also loves to play with our mouths when we are holding her. She puts her fingers up by our mouths and then if you nibble on her fingers, she grins and grins. She likes to play with my face and hair now while she is nursing. Too funny! She has learned how to yank on my hair too! She loves to play with Daddy's beard.

Cora and I had a traumatic experience last night. I ran uptown while Kevin was doing some recording. It was rainy out and just plain yucky. I was walking out of a shop, when I slipped on a wet metal grate that was around a tree. I fell right down on my side, and Cora's carrier slipped out of my hand. It landed on it's side. I freaked out!!!! I had her all strapped inside with the cover over top. She started crying but was fine. I settled her down with her bee rattle. I was pretty shaken up by it and sore. I felt like such a bad Mommy. I kept reminding myself that accidents happen! I'm just SO thankful she was tucked in her carrier and that I wasn't just carrying her.

I think that is all for now!

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