Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas with Cora

We had a very fun Christmas this year with our baby girl. There was one big drawback, she was sick! We spent Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa Danner's house and noticed that Cora was not feeling well. She had a fever and was really out of it.

We still had a fun day. Cora got some fun things from Grandpa who even wrapped her gifts in Christmas gift wrap!!! My gifts were always wrapped in newspaper or the bag they came in. Haha! Grandpa Danner really liked the scrapbook that we made for him and Grandma. He got a bit choked up looking at it.

We had planned on leaving Tuesday morning for South Carolina with Kevin's parents to visit his brother's family. When we got up on Tuesday morning we had a very sick baby. She had a fever, was really out of it and threw up on Mommy. We decided she needed to visit the doctor before we left, so we waited a day to leave. Cora was diagnosed with an ear infection and put on amoxycillin.

We left very early on Wednesday morning for our trip. That was a hard day for Cora. The picture above shows how she probaby felt. She was pretty miserable. Considering how sick she was, she traveled really well. The last part of the trip, she was ready to be done, but so were we all. It is a 12 hour drive, but took us longer since we had to stop to feed Cora.

Once we got to South Carolina it was crazy because everyday someone new was sick. Our nephew was sick when we got there. Papa and one niece got sick the next day and it just went on from there. I think that my sister-in-law and I were the only ones who didn't get sick. Their house turned into an infirmary of sorts.

Considering the illnesses going around, we had a good time. We got to celebrate Christmas with the family, although it was incomplete without Kevin's sister's family. They had to stay home because 2 of their 3 girls were sick also. We missed them alot!

We played games together. Uno Attack was the one we played alot.

Even Cora played with us!

We also got to go to our two older nieces' horse riding lessons. The place where they take them is right on the Savannah River. It was so pretty. The weather was pretty warm too. The above picture shows our nephew Andrew and niece Megan watching the horses with Kevin and Cora.

Alyssa showing her excellent riding skills.

Kirsten getting her horse ready for the lesson. Poor Kirsten was sick, so she didn't ride very long.

Cora and Mommy with the Savannah River in the background.

This is how Cora breathed all week. She had to breathe through her mouth, but she kept her tongue out. It was pretty cute!

Cora liked Uncle Steve's long locks!

Cora learned very quickly to turn her head when her nose got wiped! She also learned to do that when taking her medicine. How quickly they pick up on things!

Cora with Dobbie and Aunt Lori.

On New Year's Eve we had a bonfire. There were also fireworks! Cora and I watched from inside with our niece Megan because it was rainy outside. Cora was fascinated with the colors from the fireworks. It was fun to watch her face when they went off.

Cora slept through the actual New Year. The rest of us celebrated with sparkling grape juice, watching the ball drop, and letting off the fireworks finale.

We headed back on Monday. Daddy was very sick at that point and is still battling a pretty bad cold. Cora traveled home wonderfully, only fussing once when we stopped the car. I am amazed at how laid back she is! She slept quite a bit on the ride home.

Our trip ended on a humorous note. We had rented a car to drive since we weren't sure if ours would make it. We had to get the car back before they opened on Tuesday so we unloaded it at 12:30am Tuesday morning and took it back. Well when we went to the car rental place, we found it had disappeared! The trailer that the office was in, the cars, the signs...all of it was gone! We had no idea what had happened. It ended up that the office was notified by the city at the last minute that they had to move into a building and not be in a trailer anymore. So they quickly moved to a building location north of town. CRAZY!!!! We thought maybe we had entered a time warp! HAHA!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that it was a healthy one! :)
Happy New Year!

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