Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Blogs

So weekends must be my time to post new blogs as this is the third one this weekend! Be sure to check them all out. :)

These pics are from this evening.

Cora has been sitting up so much now. She likes to sit in her Boppy and play with her toys. She looks like such a big girl. Wow!

Our blue car died the other night as Kevin was driving to work. Dobbie and Papa came over tonight so Papa could help Kevin get it back to our house. We had them stay for pizza and The Office! Can you tell that we are completely addicted to that show.

Dobbie's birthday was while we were in South Carolina. Kevin's sister came up with all of the families making scrapbook pages of the grandkiddos to compile in a scrapbook for her. Well, we had to put that on hold because Leah's family couldn't make it to South Carolina because she had sick kids (there were sick kids in South Carolina too) and she had the scrapbook. Dobbie and Papa went to Leah's house on Friday to exchange Christmas gifts and she was able to get the scrapbook. We put our pages in when they came over. It's really cute. Cora was helping her look through it in the above picture.

Cora has become obsessed with blowing bubbles. It is too cute. Once she gets started, she just goes on and on. Her shirt is usually pretty wet due to the bubbles. I was able to get some cute pics of her doing this.

Look at that one!!!! Wow!

Hope you all had a great weekend. As you can see from our recent blogs, we did!

Busy Weekend

We had a pretty busy weekend. This is a synopsis of what we did.

Kevin's birthday was on Friday. We had his Mom and Dad over on Thursday night to celebrate. I made a yummy supper and we watched a movie. We watched Mozart and the Whale. It was pretty good. Kevin was pooped out, so he slept through his celebration. Haha! Oh well, the rest of us had fun and ate yummy pumpkin cheesecake. Kevin got a really neat Willow Tree figurine from his Mom and Dad. It is a new Dad holding a baby! It is very fitting for his year!

I have a confession to make, I just put our Christmas things away this weekend also! Ugh! Kevin kept asking me if I was going to do it. He was a bit concerned as we were the last family in town with Christmas things up. Haha! We have been so busy, and I find it's hard to do things like that now with our peanut. I get started and then she needs something and I get sidetracked. I know other Moms understand! I hear them say it all of the time, now I understand.

So we worked on that, and I cleaned while putting that stuff away. I feel like we accomplished alot. Thankfully, Cora Bells took some really good naps, so I was able to get it all done! I even got the laundry done. Wow!

We also got to see some friends this weekend. We were invited to some friends house for supper one night. We know them from church. There were two other families there and we all have daughters so there were 6 little girls there, 3 babies and 3 older girls. It has been alot of fun getting to know these families better.

We also were taken out to dinner by some other friends for Kevin's birthday and mine. We ate at Smokey Bones. We had never been there before, yum yum! Kevin got Season 1 and 2 of The Office from them too! So appropriate! Which leads into what we did on Sunday.

Kevin got home from work at 5:30 am and went to sleep. At 7:30 Cora woke up to eat so I brought her to bed so I could sleep while she ate. When she was done, she started babbling and playing which woke Daddy up. This proceeded to a lazy morning. We ended up staying in our pj's and Daddy got up to eat breakfast with us. We also watched episodes of The Office all morning. It was very nice. We don't have many chances to have lazy days together with our opposing schedules, so I cherish the ones that we do get to have.

That was our weekend. It was fun to be with family and friends! And I feel good about getting the Christmas things put away before February! Haha!!!!

By the way....Happy Birthday, Kevin. I love you! I think you are a truly amazing father to Cora! She will never doubt how much you love her! P.B.G.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Old Pictures from a Few Weeks Ago

Here are some pics that some friends sent me via email a few weeks ago. I had some problems getting them onto our computer, but finally got it today! My friend Erin that stayed with us after New Year's, sent this one of Cora's first cereal experience to me. So cute!

On the Friday after New Year's (a few weeks back) Cora and I had a "play date" at McDonalds with our friends Shannon, Maddie and Timothy. We met at one that has a play place so her kids could play and we could catch up as we hadn't seen each other in quite some time.

While we were there, my dad came in for his afternoon coffee break. He tries to get away in the afternoons to meet some guys for coffee and chatting. It so happened that we were there when he came in. I had Shannon take Cora up to him and see if he recognized her. I hid back in the play area to watch. She walked up to him and said, "Would you mind holding this baby while I get some ice cream cones for my kids?" He gave her a confused look but took Cora because he knew Cora but not who this woman was. It was funny. I came out and he started to laugh. He said he thought he recognized Shannon, but wasn't sure. He said he knew it was Cora right away, though! :) He had only met Shannon one other time, quite a few years ago.

He ended up holding her and showing her off to all of his pals. She took a nap while he had her.

I will try to get our new pics up from this past week soon!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tid Bits

Cora and Daddy have been doing very well on the days that I work. Daddy loves spending time with his sweetie. Cora likes that time too. (She has told me.) Daddy is usually pretty tired by the time I get home from work, but he knows it's worth it.

Cora had fun showing off her sitting up skills to Grandma Danner. She was perched on her lap smiling at her and telling her all about her adventures. Maybe Grandma understands what she is babbling about. :)

What a pretty girl!!!! I can't get enough of that peanut!

Hey, Grandma, watch me suck my thumb!

Cora helped Mommy make cookies this week. Well, she sat in her Bumbo seat and chewed on a small wooden spoon. I look forward to baking with her someday soon. She got a neat child-sized baking set this year for Christmas from her Great Aunt Sharon. It will get alot of use.

Cora managed to pull off her sock and turn herself around 180 degrees on her activity mat the other day. She was pretty proud of herself!

I have waited for this for so long. There is nothing cuter than a little baby sucking on their toes. Cora discovered that she could do this the other night and she did it with the utmost passion! It was so precious! Needless to say, we have lots of pics and video!

She only does it when she only has a diaper on, which makes it even cuter. She doesn't seem to think about it when she has all of her clothes on or socks!

She has taken an interest in animals. She loves to watch our cat Art these days. She watches Roscoe at Grandpa Danner's house. At Papa's house she is very curious about Shiloh. Shiloh loves Cora and lays her head on Cora's lap. Cora runs her hand over her fur and tugs on her ears. Shiloh just loves it. Very cute!

Cora has been smooching on Dobbie. Dobbie puts her up to her face and Cora "kisses" her. She leaves her mouth hanging open and grins and grins. Very wet kisses!

Cora fell asleep on my lap when I was goofing around on Dobbie's piano. She was loving the sounds and just watching. I realized she was feeling very heavy and floppy. I looked down and she was passed out.

Dobbie and Papa came over to cheer on the Colts on Sunday night. Cora got in on the action with the hat.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Quiet Weekend

Cora and I had a pretty quiet weekend. Daddy is recording a local band in the basement so Cora and I were banned to the upstairs all last week. There's only so much one can do upstairs (I did move all the 0-3 clothes out and put all the 3-6 clothes in Cora's room. Very sad!), so on Saturday we went to Dobbie and Papa's to get out. Sunday other than church and small group we were home. Daddy was so exhausted from his busy week that he crashed and didn't make it to church. I have to admit it was nice Sunday evening to have him up with us. He usually is sleeping all day Sunday after he gets home from church. We splurged and got pizza and watched Deal or No Deal. We like that show but only watch it once in awhile. We are completely addicted to The Office and Lost. Those are the two shows we plan around. Haha!

At church there are three baby girls who are just a few months apart. The one who is 1 1/2 months older than Cora was laying on the floor scootching backwards already! I couldn't believe it. She'll be crawling very soon! I put Cora on the floor beside her and they were reaching for each other. Very cute. I had sat Cora on her bottom and was holding her up. I let go of her and she just sat there like a big girl! I couldn't belive it. She was sitting up. It must have been the pressure to show off in front of her little friend. Haha! The other baby girl is 3 months younger than Cora and already weighs almost as much as her and is quickly catching up in clothes sizes! Cora is a peanut!

Here are some pics of her on Sunday night sitting up.

Ummm....a little help here would be nice, Mom!

Cora is really getting into her cereal now. If I am not fast enough she hangs her mouth open like a little bird and falls forward trying to reach the spoon. She also thinks it's great fun to suck her thumb and rub the cereal all over her face. Too funny!

She also has this new thing about seeing things upside down. If she's in her Bumbo seat, she arches back so she can be upside down. If you're holding her, she pushes back so she can be upside down.

Cora is a thumb sucker. It doesn't matter which thumb either. She throws her hand against her face and drags it across her face to her mouth. Then there's the joyous moment when her thumb finds her mouth. She sucks away and if she is sucking intently, she falls asleep with it. It does fall out while she's sleeping, but she can find it again while asleep! Very cute.

Here she's fall asleep with it.

It falls out of her mouth and stays mid-air for a bit.

Then it hits the floor!

Mid-sleep she needs a refresher and finds it again!

Her other hand is usually on her face, ear, or head.