Friday, December 15, 2006


The past week has been a complete whirlwind. It's Friday and we are all home together. Finally! We are all tired. Cora's pooped out on our bed taking her nap. Kevin goes back to work tonight after his usual two nights off, so we're just staying home. Speaking of home, it looked as if a tornado hit ours. I have been so busy that things were piling up and poor Kevin has been sustaining himself with frozen pizza. My goal today is to organize stuff and make potato soup! We'll see! Oh and the dog desperately needs a bath. It's pretty bad!

Cora is doing very well. She went to her first holiday party last night. Our worship team from church had a Christmas party. It was kind of a sad party because our worship leader who is also the youth pastor, has resigned to take a new position up in Michigan and go back to college. He and Kevin are really good friends so it is not an easy transition. The worship team has an inside joke, "It's all about Rusty." Another team member had t-shirts made with this phrase on and we all wore them to surprise him. He got quite a kick out of it. Even Cora wore one. He will be greatly missed as will his wife and kids! (I had two of his children in preschool!)

We saw Grandma and Grandpa on Wednesdsay. Grandpa bought Cora a walker to use when at his house. She is still kind of small for it but liked the toys. They have this fiber optic snowman that Cora goes nuts over. It's so funny! She gets so excited that she starts to shake. She just watches it change colors.

Speaking of too small...Cora still is too small for her jumper that Dobbie got her. The other day I got home from work and found it in the kitchen with my Bible under it. I couldn't figure out why my Bible was on the kitchen floor, until I discovered the following pictures. Daddy had put it under so Cora could stand up on it. Too funny!!!! She was standing up tall on the Word of God! He said she was very proud of herself.

Cora has a new trick. She can blow raspberries. It is too cute. We sat with her for a half hour last sunday blowing raspberries together. She was getting a kick out of it and we were rolling! Thankfully we got it on video!

We went to the outlet mall near us with Dobbie on Monday. Dobbie found this adorable denim hat in the clearance bin at one store. Oh my word!!!! Doesn't she look cute!


P.S. - Coralynn will make her first acting appearance, starring as baby Jesus in our church's Christmas play. :-)

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