Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Party

We have continued to be so busy! We had some friends over on Friday night. Their little boy adores Cora and calls her "Clora". The kids love to hold Cora as do their mom and dad!

On Saturday Dobbie, Cora, and I travelled to Ohio for Dobbie's family Christmas. It was a fun day and always good to see family. Everyone loved Cora so much. Many of them had not yet met her. She was passed around and loved on quite a bit. Kevin's sister was there also with her 3 little girls. Her baby is just 16 months older than Cora. We think they will be the dynamic duo! Cora did great in the car! I was a little worried. As she gets older, it may get more difficult.

Sunday Cora and I went to a Christmas musical at a local church. Our friend Shannon was in it and surprised us all by not telling us that she had a solo in the musical! We were all so proud. It was even the opening song!!! Cora did so well. I kept her with me. She enjoyed the music and lights. She even got to see another baby play baby Jesus, to help prepare her for her big role next Sunday at our church!

I can't believe Christmas is only a week away. It's come so fast! I hope you each enjoy this last week of preparation.


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