Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sick Baby

Sorry we haven't gotten a post up in a while. We have had a few really busy days and Cora caught her first bug last week. She started getting fussy on Tuesday which is not like her. Then she came down with another symptom that I won't mention. It was yucky though and we changed alot of outfits and used alot of stain remover. Wednesday and Thursday were the worst. She was miserable and cried quite a bit. It was so hard to know she felt so yucky but there wasn't anything we could do except comfort her. We called her doctor and he said to ride it out with her. Thankfully she didn't have a fever and wasn't getting dehydrated due to her yucky symptom.

Now we are back to our happy, content little girl. She is flashing that "to die for" smile so much now. She loves to sing with us. Her favorite songs are "Ten in the Bed" and "The Wheels on the Bus". She smiles so much when I sing those with her. Of course, it helps that there are alot of actions for me to do with her. She's not sure what to think about that "Itsy Bitsy Spider" yet.

Cora is sleeping incredibly at night. Although this time change has really thrown her off. I get her ready for bed at 8pm or thereabouts each night. This week it's 9pm for her mind. She just doesn't understand why she is so tired and Mommy isn't putting her to bed. She has been fussy at 7pm each night, which is 8pm in her head. And she has been trying to wake up at 6am which is 7am to her. No, no!!! I let her talk it out and go back to sleep for that extra hour. Now I know what all those Moms meant when they said the time change is awful for kids.

I think we have a serious thumb sucker. She is going to town on her thumb, when she can find it. I'm not sure what to think. I was a thumb sucker and it was nearly impossible for my parents to get me to stop. I was in 2nd grade at least before I stopped. Daddy had trouble with it too. That was one reason I loved the pacifier. It would be easier to break her of it. How do you break a little girl of her thumb? You can't throw it away. I do have to say, it's pretty adorable watching her suck it though.

We didn't go trick or treating. I have issues with taking infants trick or treating. They can't eat the candy. Mom and Dad end up with the candy! Hmmm....We did put Cora in a sweet Halloween sleeper that Dobbie bought her and a pumpkin hat. The hat fit the circumference of her head, but not the length. It was a very long hat. We think it made her look like a cone headed pumpkin. Oh well, she was pretty cute!


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