Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quilts and Cora

Cora is getting more and more expressive. Her eyes reveal everything, which means that when she's older, we'll have no problem knowing when she's telling a fib.

Coralynn when to her first craft show with Dobbie (Grandma Flick), mommy, and Aunt Lori. They were selling quilts at the show that they made. They've been busy quilting! Everyone at the show asked if Cora was for sale, or if a baby came with the quilts.

Mommy and Cora went to preschool sunday today. It's the open house at mommy's preschool where they show the crafts that the students are making. Cora was the hit of the morning.
We're getting ready for next week's Ohio State vs. Michigan college football game. Since daddy is a Buckeye, we're teaching Cora that wolverines are evil creatures. :-) In Ohio and Michigan, this game is one of the big events of the year... and since both teams are unbeaten (OSU is #1, Michigan is #2), this game will be talked about for years. Go Buckeyes!

We've updated the "All Things Cora" slideshow. It's approaching 360 photos, so you may want to speed up the slide transitions, unless you have 30 minutes. Put on some music and kick back. :-)

Here are some photos that we've taken over the past few days. Some of them are our new "favorites". Hope you enjoy!

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