Friday, November 17, 2006

Feast Day

This is my favorite picture of Cora! I edited it so I could put it back up!

Yesterday at the preschool where I work, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the preschool families. We had a yummy Thanksgiving feast together. It is always so nice and a favorite event with the families. And the food is so yummy!

Daddy brought Cora to the preschool so they could enjoy also. It was so fun to share with them. No one could believe how much Cora has grown. It is funny because the usual comment we hear is that she's still so small. Kevin and I think she is so big!

Cora even has an official Thanksgiving outfit. I noticed you can't see it very well, so I will have to get a better picture of it. It's very cute!

Here's a current picture of Art. He looks as if he is thinking, "Can we get rid of that baby yet?" He always has this look of annoyance on his face. His favorite hiding spot is under this rug by our front door. There is usually a bulge there with an orange tail sticking out. The rug isn't even soft but he is always under it, even in the summer. What a weird cat.

Well I better go. We're off to see Grandpa and Grandma Danner. It's a good thing Cora is such a good baby as we are ALWAYS on the go!


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