Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Adjusting quite well

I eat at moms
Cora discovered that she can hold her hands together. So all day she kept looking at her hands and concentrated really hard, with her tongue sticking out, and a concerned look on her face. Her tshirt says "I eat at mom's". :-)

Daddy loves Tuesdays and Thursdays cause he spends the day with Cora while Mommy is at work. It usually starts with a short nap and then eating at 11am. After that it's time for the swing, activity mat, walking around the house, making faces, reading books, or trying to figure out why we're crying. She usually falls asleep in daddy's arms and finds herself in the Moses basket by the time mom gets home.
Pretty in Pink
Cora isn't always sure about wearing hats. Sometimes we have to be quick about things and get her in the car (she falls asleep). I love the following two photos because it shows how she always looks like she's thinking about something.
I'm not sure about this hat... I'm not sure about this hat... Standing (with a little help from Gramps)
Grandpa Danner was helping her stand up. In this photo she looks like she's preparing a karate chop. She'll be crawling around before we know it!
Standing (with a little help from Gramps) Standing (with a little help from Gramps)
Sitting up to chat
Cora is sitting up with a little help for short periods of time. She loves to look around and chat.
For everyone concerned about Arther the cat, he has adjusted quite well. We think he's part dog with the way he carries himself and answers the door when someone visits. The only thing of Cora's that he's interested in is her stuffed animals... which he drags around the house when they're left out. This week he figured out how to open a sliding drawer so he could help himself to the toys.

- Daddy

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