Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma and Grandpa

My parents' birthdays have always been easy to remember because they are exactly one week apart. My dad's is October 5 and my mom's is October 12. The hard thing is to remember who comes first. Haha! We spent the evening with Grandma and Grandpa Danner on Saturday to celebrate their birthdays. I made a meat and potatoes meal for Grandpa and we brought some pretty flowers to Grandma.

I had my camera in hand to take some birthday pics but I didn't get any because Cora was a fussy mess all night. We all tried to console her but not much worked and if it did, not for long. She was beside herself. She finally fell asleep at 9:30 and did ok after that. The only thing that I can think of is that I had a strong cup of caffeinated Starbucks coffee at a worship training meeting in the morning. I have had very little caffeine and as I recall she was a bit fussy those evenings too. This coffee was VERY strong, so maybe that's what it was. How do you know for sure?

Cora and I are spending Wednesdays at my parents' so that my dad can have a free day and get some errands done while I watch Mom. This past Wednesday when we got there, we went in to see Grandma. Cora was talking a little and my mom kept looking up at her. Then we put her on her tummy and Cora started kicking on her. I asked if she felt the baby kicking her and she tried to nod her head. This was the first response of any that we have seen towards Cora. It was so reassuring. Yes, it was small...but at this point in the game, the small things are HUGE!

It was a very busy week on top of my going back to work. Hopefully there will be a bit more rest time at home this week.


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