Thursday, September 21, 2006

Whoa Baby!

I took Cora to our Lactation Center here in town to have her weighed on Monday, September 18. I was very surprised at what I found out. She was 9 lb. 10 oz. I had no idea. I was thinking 8 something. We have moved her up another size in clothes now. She is still wearing some of the newborn things but also 0-3 months. And no more newborn dipaers! The ones are a little big, but we have so many of the next size in our diaper stash that I decided to make due and move her up. The ones aren't nearly as cute as the newborn diapers! I had no idea how many diapers we would go through. I wish I would have kept track of how many newborns we used. Our contribution to the landfills! I also never thought I would be pooped on so much and not be completely grossed out. She likes to surprise me when I am changing her and squirt on my hand. Oh well!

She is starting to hold her head up for longer periods of time when we are holding her. She also is starting to lift it just a little when she is on her tummy. The problem with tummy time is that whatever she is laying on is interesting enough to just look at that she isn't interested in lifting her head up to see other things. It's pretty funny. She just stares at the blanket. She does alot better when we are holding her.

She is smiling so much now. It is the best thing ever. And the little sounds that she makes are incredible. I try to imitate them back to her when she does it. Mommy doesn't sound as cute as Cora! She is talking more and more each day. She gets so excited. The best thing is in the middle of the night when I am utterly exhausted and want to crawl back in bed...THEN
this little beautiful person whose diaper needs to be changed starts grinning at me and cooing. It certainly makes it worth it. I wouldn't trade that for sleep any day!

We had our 2 month check-up on this past Monday. Cora is now 10lbs. and 22 1/2 inches long. Her head is 15 in. It was a difficult appointment since she got her immunizations. She cried hard during the shots, so did Mommy, but was fine afterwards. She wasn't fussy and didn't seem sore the rest of the day. She did take a long nap. We also had to have an x-ray taken of her head. She had a bump on it from delivery. The bump is going down and is now hard. Our doctor wanted to be sure that it isn't near a soft spot. If it was, it could cause that side to not close properly. We were pretty sure it wasn't but wanted to make sure. IT ISN'T! She's fine. She may always have a small bump there, but it is nothing to be concerned about.


Cora with Dobbie and her great-aunts:

Cora's first bottle feeding. She did great! "Wait daddy, something's different about this."

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