Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I wanted to post some pics of some things that we have been so blessed by
for Cora. First, of course is our beautiful baby girl who is so smily! She
is starting to hold her head up while laying on her tummy. Her little neck
continues to grow so strong. She can hold it up for much longer times while
holding her too.

We have been so blessed by all of the wonderful things people have given us for Cora. We had a small shower on Tuesday evening. It was thrown by 3 very special cousins of mine. The shower was for my dad's side of the family and a few special friends from the church I grew up in. Not only have we received very nice gifts, we have also gotten so many hand-me-down clothes. Our little girl is set! We are overwhelmed with everyone's kindness as is our guest bedroom where most of it is right now. Thank you so much to everyone!

We also are so blessed with family who cares so much for our little girl. Dobbie (Kevin's mom) helped me so much in preparation for our baby. Over spring break last spring she helped me paint Cora's nursery. We used pale sage green and yellow since we didn't know what we were having. I love her nursery so much. Now we accent with pink! Dobbie also made some beautiful things for Cora's nursery including the curtain, bumper pad cover, bed skirt, and 3 beautiful baby quilts. Dobbie is quite an accomplished quilter. Cora's dresser belonged to her great great grandfather Leander Flick. The shelf was made by Papa, Kevin's dad. We also have a tiny dresser that belonged to Cora's great grandmother, Emily Shafer. The Beatrix Potter prints belonged to her great grandmother, Abby Nesler. Her room is full of things that belonged to or were made by family. How wonderful and full of love!

We have also included a new pic of Cora with Grandma Danner. We are blessed in that Grandma is still holding her own. We continue to have Cora
around her especially when she is being noisy so Grandma can hear her. I
lay her on Grandma's stomach so they can feel each other. Still no sign of response, but I know she can feel her and hear her.

That's all for today! We love you all!


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