Saturday, September 09, 2006

Busy Week!

Our little Cora is going to be so used to going all of the time. This past week has been so busy. Unfortunately, I think this isn't the best scenario for our little peanut. She tends to be very fussy after a few days of being so busy and not being home. Friday we were able to stay home all day and just enjoyed being home together.

Cora got to welcome the preschoolers on their first day of preschool Tuesday. Cora and I made an appearance at the beginning of class. I plan to drop in a few times during class this month so that the little preschoolers will be used to seeing me. Hopefully when I go back in October it won't throw them too much then. I can't believe how fast September is going. I want it to slow down!

We also spent time with the grandmas and grandpas this week. It used to be that when I went to my parent's home to help with my mom, my dad would run most of his errands or mow the yard and be out most of the day. Now he stays home and loves on Cora most of the day. He does run some errands and meets the "coffee group" for a bit in the afternoon. But now he isn't gone nearly as long! I wonder why! We also spent an evening with Dobbie and Papa. Thank you to Dobbie who now has decaf coffee on hand for Mommy! This is quite a sacrifice for the Flick's who don't drink decaf. Even Kevin bought me a bag of decaf for at home. This is very thoughtful and much appreciated!

Saturday Cora and I went to see our friend Maddie play in her championship soccer game! Her team won and took first place. Way to go Maddie! Her little brother Timothy is absolutely head over heals in love with baby Clora. Yes, you read that right, "Clora." That is what he calls our peanut! Too cute. (Timothy is 4.) He gets giddy whenever he is around her and all he wants to do is hold her. He kept saying over and over, "That's a beautiful baby!" He is so gentle with her and gives her lots of kisses on her little head. He also likes to "pet" the baby. The second time he was able to see her after she was born, he asked if he could pet her piggies and today he asked if he could pet her head! It is so precious!!!

Cora also slept in her crib for the first time this week. She took an afternoon nap in it on Friday and I tried to have her sleep in it overnight on Friday, but that didn't go as well. We'll keep working on it! She is very interested in this new room though. It's so fun to watch her eyes explore all of the things in her nursery.

I am also so excited to say that she is smiling back at us so much. She gets a kick out of it when I talk to her and play with her nose. She starts grinning and can't stop. Oh, my heart just melts. I think if she could ask for anything at those moments, I would give it to her. There is nothing like this little tiny person who is a part of you, smiling back at you with such love and adoration. It's amazing! She's also beginning to make small cooing sounds. It's so cute!


P.S. Deep Thoughts from a New Mom.....You know you're a new mom when your toe nails aren't getting painted anymore, just touched up! I just keep layering Very Berry on my toe nails. It is quicker than taking the old polish off and putting on new! In the weeks before I had Cora, I kept my toenails and feet up to snuff, wanting them to look nice for labor! HAHA!!!! What a joke! Who cares what your feet look like when you're pushing a watermelon out! And now there's just no time!

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