Thursday, August 24, 2006

We're Back!

Sorry we haven't posted lately. We had a very busy week and have been dealing with a fussy Cora. We're not sure if it's Colic or not. Monday was miserable as she cried all day long and was inconsolable. I called the doctor that evening because I was worried about her. He was concerned that maybe she wasn't getting enough food. So we took her into the office the next morning to have her weighed. She's doing great. The last time we had her weighed was 3 weeks ago and she was 6 lb. 7 oz. On Tuesday she was 7 lb. 6 oz. Newborns should gain 2/3 oz. per day according to our doctor. That means Cora is right on track with a few extra ounces even. That made me very relieved. He thought maybe she was having a growth spurt and wasn't getting any extra. She did great on Wednesday and was fine today except for a few fussy hours this evening. So we'll see. Her one month doctor's appointment is tomorrow! She'll be one month old!!!!!!! I can't believe it. In Mommy's Dress

Today I put the outfit that she came home from the hospital in on her. She's too long for it. Her legs couldn't straighten out in it. How sad!!! She's outgrowing the preemie size but too small for the newborn size. What to do?

On Sunday I put a very special outfit on Cora for church. It was a dress that I wore when I was just a peanut like her. She looked so cute! How fun it will be to someday give it to her for her little girl to wear! Here are some pics of Cora in the outfit.



Rache said...

Hi. found your blog while browsing online... I had to deal with a fussy 3-day-old baby myself it scared me a lot especially that I can't figure out what's wrong but gladly things went well and she's now 8 weeks old... nice blog :)

Anonymous said...

pink all in pink