Thursday, August 17, 2006

We love our Tweety

TweetyBusy day. Mom hung out with another mother, while dad recorded a local artist in the recording studio. Not long after this, dad practiced with the worship team for Sunday morning. Mom called dad with a plea to come home, with a screaming baby in the background.

Cora had a difficult time falling asleep tonight. She has been great about being on a schedule, but tonight was different.TweetyWe went down the list of possible things, and decided that she had gas pains. So we rocked her for several hours. Part of it was that she may have felt insecure and needed to be held. It's compelling to think that her security for much of her life will depend on her relationship with mom and dad.

While we were trying to calm her, our cat, Arthur, slipped outside. Maybe he wanted to escape to solitude where there were no screaming infants. He probably just wanted to explore... since he has searched every square inch of this house and loves birds (not babies dressed up as birds). I found him asleep in the backyard.

One more thing about our cat: he loves stuffed animals (and green olives, but that's for another post). Mindy's collection of Boyd's Bears has had to be placed behind our antique glass bookcase, otherwise we find them strewn all over the house. To satisfy him, we've given him a teddy bear that he carries around. Tonight, I found him with not only his bear laying at my feet, but one of Cora's bears. He got upset when I took it away from him, and proceeded to nab another stuffed animal, sitting down with it at the end of our bed. This repeated one more time before he gave up and left his bear laying by my feet.

Maybe he just needs to be held? He's just a cat!!!

- Kevin

Mom took these photos of Cora on Tuesday. Grandma Flick loves Tweety, and we find her adorable too:
Tweety Tweety Tweety Tweety

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