Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Three days old...

I have a feeling that Cora's life will be well documented. Click here for the latest slideshow of Coraline... three days old.

Mindy took these photos after giving Cora her first sponge bath at home. Isn't she adorable? Of course, I'm not biased. :)

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We're working on getting Cora on a schedule, but it takes time. Considering that she was snug inside Mindy's womb for 9 months, she naturally wants to be held a lot. It's the human touch and eye contact that she's responding to the most right now, and these first few days are crucial in helping her learn to bond.

All three of us are learning together...

- Kevin

Cora in her duckie towel
Cora kicking her legs
Cora looking at the camera
Cora and mommy's hand

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Kimberly. said...

I think she is the cutest newborn I have ever seen.