Saturday, August 12, 2006

Shopping in Shipshewana

Yesterday (Friday) we took Cora shopping for the first time. Grandma Flick and Aunt Lori (my aunt) wanted to look at quilts and fabric, so we traveled to Shipshewana. Daddy went to help push the stroller. :-)

Aunt Lori and Cora
Aunt Lori loving on Cora (sorry it's blurry)

Grandpa Flick and Aunt Lori
Cora telling Grandpa Flick something

First Shopping Trip
Shopping in Shipshewana

First Shopping Trip
Cora was fascinated with the colors and patterns

More Expressions More Expressions More Expressions

Finding her thumb (with a little help)
Grandpa helped her find her thumb

Relaxing in the Cabin
Relaxing with daddy and Grandpa in the cabin that Grandpa Flick built.

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