Monday, August 07, 2006

Settling In

We're working on helping Cora learn that nighttime is for sleeping, and allow rest for mommy while daddy is at work. To help save mommy's sanity, we're also easing Cora into a schedule and routine. She's adjusting quite well. Here's a photo of Cora asleep in her Moses Basket.

Asleep in her Moses Basket

The first colors that newborns can see are red, black, and white. My sister (Leah Swan) gave us an activity mat and Cora loves it. Her eyes won't leave the shapes and colors. In this photo she found her two fingers...

Tasty Fingers

She's also very oral and wants wants to have things in her mouth. We tried a pacifier but she wasn't sure what to think. She sucked on it for a while though we don't want to rely on it.

Congrats to Grandpa Flick! He was accepted to Valparaiso University's Masters of Science program to become a Nurse Practitioner!! He graduated 8 years ago as a Registered Nurse from Cederville College. He has worked as a nurse in the Plymouth ER for 5 years and wants to learn more... and do more in his field. He craves knowledge and stretching his mind. Grandma and Grandpa spent the past 3 years building a beautiful log cabin, a lasting monument to their creativity. He'll continue to work in the ER while he studies at Valpo.

First visit to Grandpa's work

Our first story time! Here's a photo of daddy reading Guess How Much I Love You. She listened and smiled.

Guess How Much I Love You

Cora is fascinated with water... especially when it is running over her head. There's nothing like bathing in the kitchen sink.

Bathing in the Kitchen Sink with smiles

Yesterday we took Cora to church for the first time. She slept through the service and community group. It was fun to get her out and share her with our church family. She was the topic of many conversations.


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